Author: Zyraen

Latest Version:2


Hidden Uber Kit – Reaver Kit (Convenience)
An uber kit that can do all the functions of a Fighter, Thief and Mage, and to some extent, of a Cleric and Druid. It advances as a Thief so its pretty quick. Read the Readme to learn how to get this “Hidden” Kit. With this Character, you don’t have to worry about Party Composition anymore, just take whoever you want, when you want.

Auto-Sell Script (Convenience)
No more worries about Reputation, or running back to the town to sell something. Just get the Bag of Selling from Sister Garlena at Watcher’s Keep, then use this script and you can sell items as you go, even while you’re fighting!
NOTE : May not be advisable for SLOW systems.

XP Evener Script (Convenience)
Hate doing NPC Quests because the said NPC is too low level? Dislike baby-sitting low level NPCs? This script brings the NPC up to within 300K of your character’s XP level, so no more worries about leaving NPCs out of Quests. XP-wise, you can just take whoever you want, whenever you want.

Item Stat Bonuses (Balance)
Changes Set Stat items like Crom Faeyr and Ring of Human Influence to provide a bonus instead. 18-19 converted to +2, 20-22 converted to +3, and 23-25 converted to +4 Stat.
2 Separate components, first for STR-setting Items, other for items that affect all other Stats.

Halves To Hit & Damage Bonuses (Balance)
The ridiculous number of +2 and above items makes Melee combat in BG2 full of absurd bonuses. This component halves all the bonuses they give in To Hit & Damage calculations. Enchantment remains the same so that they can damage those creatures that they need to.

Alternate, Accelerated Ust Natha Route
At long last, players who hoped for “DBG for the Underdark” have a solution. This mod makes it possible to complete the Underdark sequence of Chapter 5 much more quickly.

Improved Statue of Riddles
This component makes it possible to complete the Statue of Riddles puzzle without so much extra clicking.

Transfer Yoshimo’s XP This component makes it possible to “transfer” Yoshimo’s experience either to Imoen, or to the rest of the party in the event Imoen is dismissed from the maze.
If you’re unclear why Yoshimo’s XP might be transferred… look behind you, it’s a charging elephant!

Solo With a Party AI Script
This Mod is for those who want to try out a Solo game, yet also wish to enjoy party banter, have someone to disarm/detect traps, or romance an NPC. It is also for those who import a powerful PC and don’t wish to babysit their party members on a playthrough with a new NPC, and hate having to lug the slow-moving party along.

Item Nerfs & Balancing
This Mod aims to weaken the items in BG2 : SoA & ToB to provide a greater challenge in gameplay.

Note that this Mod does not reduce the quality of items, such as their enchantment level, but mainly focuses on their abilities as a candidate for reduction. The Mod is divided into 3 components, as follows.

– Primary Nerfs – Reducing Overpowered Items
– Secondary Reductions – Instant Kill Reductions
– Periphery Tweaks – Less Noteable Items

Remove Alignment Restrictions for all Items
This component therefore completely removes all such alignment restrictions for all items. Class restrictions remain.
Note that this component is a patch, and as such only affects Items which have been installed before this component.

Stage Based XP Cap
This Mod aims to return some challenge to SoA and ToB by setting different XP Caps for different stages of the game. For SoA, the stages of the game are denoted by varying Chapters; for ToB, the stages of the game are denoted by Challenges in the Pocketplane. There are 4 sets of XP Caps – Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard.
These XP Caps, combined with the right difficulty setting inside the game, should be able to make even Spellhold a decent challenge for most, and the players may choose to leave some quests or parts thereof for Chapter 6.

During gameplay, every time a party member exceeds the XP Cap for that stage, the person loses 50,000 XP. This loss is clearly shown and will serve as notice for the gamer that it is time to “move on” to the next stage.

Uber Weapon for Testing
This is just an item that kills every enemy within a 30′ radius or so of the wielder when equipped. It is intended for use by mod developers and testers, but it is yours to use or abuse as you see fit.

Expanded Spell Progressions
This component expands and enhances the spell progression for higher-level rangers and bards, to give them access to more and higher-level spells.

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