Unfinished Business

Authors: Andyr, Cliffette, Barren, icelus, Ghreyfain, SimDing0, DavidW, Nythrun, Kulyok

Shortcut: https://www.pocketplane.net/ub

Unfinished Business (“UB”) is designed to restore many of the cut items, quests, and encounters from the game’s final release, as well as try to tie up some of the “loose ends.”

Current components include:

  • The Kidnapping of Boo, by Cliffette
  • The Suna Seni/Valygar Relationship Restoration
  • Kalah and What He Was Promised, by Andyr
  • Cat and Mouse: Bodhi Hunts You in Spellhold, by Ghreyfain
  • Gorje Hilldark and the Extended Illithium Quest
  • The Pai’Na/Spider’s Bane Quest
  • Restored Crooked Crane
  • Restored Encounters
  • Artemis Entreri in Bodhi’s Lair
  • Corrected “Xzar’s Creations”
  • Restored Hell Minions, by SimDing0
  • Gorf the Squisher Fix, by Gebhard Blucher
  • Item Restorations
  • Yoshimo’s Original Portrait
  • Anomen’s Original Portrait
  • NPC Portrait Restorations
  • Corrected BAMs and Scripts
  • Corrected Character Names
  • Restored Minor Dialogs
  • Restored Bhaalspawn Powers, by David Gaider
  • Extended Throne of Bhaal Item Descriptions
  • Throne of Bhaal Minor Restorations
  • Justifier Kit, by Andyr
  • Feralan Kit, by Andyr
  • Sarevok’s Remorse, by Sovran and Winterine
  • The Murder of Acton Balthis, by Kulyok

Components are listed in greater detail in the readme.

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