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Xan NPC MOD for Baldur’s Gate II (Xan for short) is an add-on for the game Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack.

Version 10 introduces a happy ending for Xan’s “bonded” romance path, continued from BG1 NPC Project.

Version 16 offers full alternative voicing for Xan.

Xan, a non-player character from the first game in Baldur’s Gate series, is a depressed elven mage – enchanter. Notable quotes: “We’re all doomed,” “Life is so hollow,” “It is hardly worth the effort of trying,” “What is the point?” “Our quest is vain,” “Onward, to futility!”

Xan has an extensive friendship path with the PC, banters with every Bioware NPC, a vast amount of interjections, character reactions and other scenery dialogue. As well, there are three minor encounters and four full quests in the mod. His soundset and banters are fully voiced.

If you played and enjoyed Xan Romance included into BG1 NPC project, you may continue it. As well, you may start a completely new, different romance with Xan. In both cases, however, there will be complications.

All three paths are dialogue-heavy, including sequential dialogues, dialogues reactive to the events of the game, and player-initiated dialogues. Both romance paths include Xan-initiated and PC-initiated flirts. You can also advance the relationship, or initiate some serious steps yourself.

The mod is available in English, in Russian, in Polish and in French.

During the installation you may change Xan’s class to Fighter/Mage, Mage, Sorcerer or Wild Mage(ToB only).

As well, you will have an option to install a BG1-like flaming sword animation for Xan’s moonblade, courtesy of Erephine, the author of One Pixel Productions.

A friendship path with Xan for BG1 is available as a separate download.

Extra soundsets for Xan: original BG1 voice actor for BG2, BG2 voice actor for BG1, Alternate BG2 voice actor for BG1, Polish and French soundsets for BG2.

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