Author: SixOfSpades


Latest Version:1

Six’s Kitpack introduces several new character kits to Baldur’s Gate II. Twenty-two kits are planned for the complete expansion–at present, 8 kits are implemented. In addition, a general class rebalancing component is provided which alters proficiencies and proficiency ceilings. Each kit, and the rebalancing component, may be installed individually and independently.

Throne of Bhaal is recommended.

Implemented Kits (base class in parenthesis)

  • Bowman (Fighter)
  • Shieldbearer (Fighter)
  • Martyr (Paladin)
  • Mystic Marksman (Paladin)
  • Archer (Ranger)
  • Huntsman of Silvanus (Druid)
  • Spellshafter (Bard)
  • Sniper (Thief)

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