Author: Blue, Bons, jcompton, and friends


Class: Bard
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good

Note: Keto currently requires that Throne of Bhaal be installed. However, content for the Throne of Bhaal portion of the game is not yet released. The next version will resolve the SOA-only compatibility issue.

Keto, Athkatla’s master of the panpipes, is finally here! Loaded with personality and banter, the long-awaited bard is out of development and ready for action!

An ambitious project launched two and a half years ago by Dungeon-Be-Gone creator Victoria Joyner (Blue, the Immortal Bard), Keto brings a little bit of wine, a little bit of mystery, and a lot of storytelling to your Baldur’s Gate 2 experience. She is a young woman out on her own, looking to make a basically honest living as a minstrel, but spending most of her time skirting the front door of every dungeon in Amn. Keto needs a spark to fully develop her potential both as a bard and as an adventurer.

With thousands of lines of dialogue, nearly 100 banters, a unique bard quest and over 400 voiced lines from several performers, Keto represents a breath of fresh air for the expansive Bhaalspawn saga!

The following recordings were used with the permission of the artists:

“Sally Gardens”
From the album “Cool of the Day”
Available at

“I Care Not For These Ladies”
Available at

“Good People”
Available at

“Rose By The Door”
Available at

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