Author: SimDing0

Latest Version: 19


This mod sets out to remedy apparent flaws in the game’s original system by splitting reputation into two separate variables: Reputation, which represents how people in the game feel about the party; and Virtue, which represents how morally correct the party’s actions are. Virtue will now appear alongside reputation on the character screen, and be treated separately where appropriate.

Additionally, Virtue will affect your alignment, so if your Virtue goes down, it drags your alignment down with it. Party members also respond to Virtue instead of reputation, so you can have a party that feels your actions are good, even if everyone around you hates you. Additional familiar dialog has been written to account for the impact of changing alignment on your familiar.

Paladins will now fall after committing a SINGLE non-virtuous act, and rangers will now fall after their Virtue drops too low. You can get away with killing commoners without incurring a Reputation hit, so long as nobody sees you. Your Virtue always drops, however.

Some of the things for which you would previously have incurred no penalty will now affect your Virtue. This includes abandoning or killing NPCs and the trials you face in Hell.

The Virtue mod should be compatible with most other mods, but should be installed last. Note that ToB is required for installation of the Virtue mod.

Also remember to check out the rest of Ding0’s Mods for further enhanced roleplaying and continuity.

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