Tutu Authors: Japheth, Westley Weimer (WeiMorph technology)
Fixpack Authors: SimDing0, Ghreyfain, CamDawg, Andyr
EasyTutu Author: Macready

Latest Core Version: 4


BG1Tutu is a project which brings the content from Baldur’s Gate (or Tales of the Sword Coast) into the Baldur’s Gate II engine. This allows BG1 to enjoy all the benefits of BG2 such as higher resolution, new races, classes and kits, dual-wielding, and much more!

For English language users, getting started with BG1Tutu is easy. Simply select “EasyTutu” from the links on the right and follow the instructions given.

Want to see some screenshots of BG1Tutu? Click here.
Discuss Tutu and EasyTutu on the forum, here.

EasyTutu is only available in English. If you wish to play Tutu in a foreign language, the older Tutu v4 distribution is still available (it will work fine with English installations too, but its use is not advised in this case). This will automatically translate all resources from a BG1 install into BG2.

Everything below ONLY applies if you are using Tutu v4. Please note once more that unless you wish to play Tutu in a foreign language, you should use EasyTutu. (If you are using EasyTutu, please visit the site linked to in the right-hand pane instead for instructions.)

Note #1: You *have* to keep your BG1 or BG1 + TotSC install after running bg1tutu.exe because we use resources from the BG1/BG1 + TotSC install!
Note #2: You also have to have both installs installed on the same partition of your hard drive. If you install say, BG1 onto your D: drive and BGII onto your C: drive BG1Tutu will not work.
Note #3: Dark Side of the Sword Coast is confirmed as *not* working with BG1Tutu. If you install it before running BG1Tutu, then BG1Tutu will not work correctly.

BG1Tutu is a project which automatically converts the resources in a Baldur’s Gate, or Baldur’s Gate + TotSC install to the BGII engine.

Check back here often to see if a new version of BG1Tutu has been released.

The first thing I’ll ask is *please* read the Readme thoroughly before installing or updating BG1Tutu. If you do this, you’ll save myself and many other people valuable time.

To view the Readme, click here.

For those of you who don’t read Readme’s, here are the installation, uninstallation and updating instructions:

1) If you haven’t already, perform a Full Install of BG1. This could mean BG1, BG1 plus TotSC, or BG: The Original Saga, depending on what you’ve bought.  If you have the 6 CD set of BG1 (or 5, without the expansion), this means you should choose “custom install” and select everything.  Even movies.
2) Apply the BG1 patch from Bioware only if you do not have BG: The Original Saga.
3) If you haven’t already, perform a Recommended or Full install of BG2. Throne of Bhaal is supported but not required.
4) Depending on what you have installed, apply the BG2 patch or ToB Patch from Bioware.
5) Extract bg1tutu_v(x).exe to your BGII directory. (Where x is the version number you’ve downloaded.)
6) Using a text editor like wordpad (don’t use notepad, it’s very confusing), PFE, ConTEXT, etc., go to your bg1tutu folder and open up the file named “configuration”.  You need to edit the two lines named ~source~ and ~target~.  If you installation of BG1 was at C:gamesBG1 and your BG2 installation was in C:gamesBGII, your configuration file should wind up looking like this:

~source~            [ ~C:gamesBG1 ~]

~source.variant~ [ ~BG1~ ]

~target~            [ ~C:gamesBGII~ ]

~target.variant~ [ ~BG2~ ]

*Note that the path is case sensitive.  Capital and lower-case letters matter.
7) If you haven’t installed TotSC, download the file into your bg1tutubg1-override folder.
8) Install any BG1 mods/upgrades that you will want to use in your BG1 directory.
Note: Most minor BG1 mods should convert correctly.  DSotSC does not.
9) Run both BG1 and BG2 once, if you’ve just installed them.  This will populate their configuration (baldur.ini) files, which Tutu requires.
10) Double-click bg1tutu.exe (it will be in your BGII directory) and let it run.
11) Just follow along after this and make whichever choices you wish.
12) Once BG1Tutu has finished installing, you should download and run Tutufix. It is absolutely requiredthat you install at least the Core Bugfixes component.
13) After Tutufix has been installed, you should install any mods specifically tailored for Tutu.  See theBG1Tutu Enhancements page for a list.
14) If you want BG music, copy BG’s music folder into your BGII directory. (Make sure to rename BGII’s music folder to something else first so that you don’t overwrite BGII’s music.)
15) If you want to retain BG1’s stone interface, check out LadeJarl’s Tutu GUI mod on the Tutu Enhancements Page.
16) Play BG1Tutu by running “bgmain.exe” in your BG2 folder.  It may prompt you for your BG2 CD.
17) Have fun, you made it!

Uninstalling (Reverting back to BGII)
1) Run bg1tutu_restore.exe, which is located in your BGII directory.
2) Delete bg1tutu_restore.log.
3) Play BGII normally.
4) Optional: If you want to *completely* get rid of everything, then also delete the following files after running bg1tutu_restore.exe:

  • bg1tutu folder
  • bg1tutu.exe
  • bg1tutu_restore.exe
  • setup-tutufix.exe
  • setup-tutufix.tp2
  • BG1Tutu_Readme.htm

Note: Updating is *not* recommended, but if you insist, here’s what you can do:

1) First make sure that your original override directory, dialog.tlk, chitin.key, bgmain.exe and baldur.ini’s are in the bg1tutu/backup directory.
2) If they are all there (and they should be), do the Uninstall steps detailed above (including number 4, it’s not optional for updating purposes).
3) Extract the new version that you downloaded into your BGII directory.
4) Re-run bg1tutu.exe.

Want to see some screenshots of BG1Tutu? Click here.
If you’re interested on how BG1Tutu was created, click here to download the source.

Don’t forget to check out the Tutu Mods section!

Special thanks to Bardan, Eclipsael and HomerJ for providing mirrors for BG1Tutu.

Support forum for Tutu is here.

The Tutu Fixpack is designed to remedy issues with BG1tutu which remained unresolved in the latest core release. It is ESSENTIAL that at least the core fixes be installed over Tutu v4. Please download it and examine the readme.

* BG1Tutu DL
EasyTutu – Page
(recommended for most users)

BG1Tutu v4 – Mirror 1
BG1Tutu v4 Mac – Mirror 1
(recommended for foreign language users only)

* BG1Tutu Fixpack
BG1Tutufix v19 – Mirror 1
BG1Tutufix v15 Mac – Mirror 1

* BG1Tutu Sourcecode
BG1Tutu v5 – Mirror 1

* Restored BG1 Casting Sounds
Casting Sounds v4 – Mirror 1

* Spanish translation and guide
Tutu Espanol – Click here

* BG1Tutu Readme
Click here

* Forum
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* Bug/Support Forum
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* Tutu Addons
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