(Needs updating for 2020! Meanwhile, enjoy some of these historical highlights!)

Q: Who are you and what are you doing here?
A: This is Pocket Plane Group, a new Web community focusing on creating mods and add-ons for Baldur’s Gate 2 and other games built with Bioware’s Infinity Engine.

Q: I recognize you… and you were there, too! Where do I know you from?
A: You probably recognize various names and mods from Forgotten Wars. All of our launch projects began on FW, a modding community we spent two and a half years building into a success.

Q: So, what are you doing here?
A: It’s a long story, but all the old links will bring you here now anyway, so all’s well that ends well.

Q: Oh. So, now what?
A: Now, we continue to develop and support what we like to think are among the most interesting projects for BG2 and other games.

Q: Like?
A: Like Kelsey and Ashes of Embers and Virtue and so forth.

Q: Oh. Can I take part?
A: We’re quite happy to hear from you. By all means, download the mods, play them, critique them, enjoy them. Learn how we did what we did, and go forth and do it better. More projects will undoubtedly be added to PPG once we get our footing.

Q: Who came up with the name?
A: It was suggested by Bons.

Q: Pocket Plane? P…P… hey, you guys are the PEEPEE MODS!
A: Just goes to show that a college education doesn’t necessarily mean you think through the “silly acronym” potential for a name before you commit with the domain registrar. Still, we’ll thank you to go with the much more scifi-sounding PPG (Pocket Plane Group) designation whenever possible.

Q: Will you help me install and play mods?
A: Yes. We’ve written extensive and often clever README files to help you do exactly that, but if those prove insufficient to the task, we run a bevy of support forums.

Q: Will you help me learn how to mod?
A: Yes. We’ve written extensive and often clever tutorials to help you do exactly that, but if those prove insufficient to the task, we run an Infinity Engine Q&A forum.

Q: Will you host my mod?
A: There are almost assuredly better ways to do that today than when we started PPG. Best of luck!

Q: Are there going to be more releases of Mod X?
A: PPG mods are being migrated to Github to make them easier to maintain, and we greatly appreciate the ongoing community efforts making that possible.

Q: Why don’t you have mods for Planescape: Torment / Icewind Dale / Icewind Dale II / BG1 without Tutu / NWN / Temple of Elemental Evil / Morrowind / KOTOR / Wasteland / Ultima III: Exodus / Ultra-Pong / Backgammon?
A: For both story and technical reasons, Baldur’s Gate 2 lends itself better to the type of modding PPG tends to do. Creating NPCs for the other Infinity Engine games, for example, is considerably less convenient for both modders and players. And historically, all of the PPG modding staff has been most interested in creating projects for BG2.