Several mods made (or shamelessly stolen) by SimDing0 and updated by Angel are available here:


Miscellaneous Tweak Pack (BG1Tutu Compatible!)
This pack includes a number of miscellaneous tweaks to the game to make it more balanced or consistent.
Components include Enhanced Goodberries, Corrected Summonned Demon Behaviour, Corrected Demon Animations, Reintroduce Dimension Door, Tweaked Weapon Enchantments, Additional Racial Enemies, Summonning Cap Removal, Ghrey’s Holy Symbol Fix, Smarter Illusionary Clones, Visual Ioun Stones, Restored Drow Innate Abilities, Displacer Beasts, Sensible Lore Table, NPCs/Summons Set Off Traps, Improved Backstabbing, Slower Walking Speeds, and BG1-Style Summons.
For information on what each of these optional components does, please see the D0Tweak readme.

Ding0 Experience Fixer
BG2 allows you to attain ridiculously high levels. While I frequently see suggestions for removal of the XP cap to allow people to reach levels higher than 50, rarely do I see anyone mention the idea of LOWER levels. That’s what this mod’s all about. Some of the BG2 XP rewards are, frankly, ridiculous. Tens of thousands of XP each for simple Fed-Ex quests? Not so, I say.
Ding0 Experience Fixer (or “DEF JAM”, as it’s otherwise known; feel free to imagine what the JAM part stands for) allows the XP rewards to be reduced. Split into 3 separate sections (creature XP, skill XP and quest XP), you can choose the new XP rate for each component irrespective of the others. Choices vary from 10% to 75% of the original XP.
Who knows. Maybe 10% XP rewards would provide a challenging alternative to Tactics-type mods.

Also remember to check out the Virtue mod for further roleplaying enhancements, and Quest Pack for new action and adventures!

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* Ding0Tweak README
Ding0Tweak Readme – Mirror 1

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* Experience Fixer README
DEF JAM Readme – Mirror 1

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