Back to Brynnlaw

Author: Kulyok


– Return to the haunted halls of Spellhold!
– Interact with Imoen!
– Change the fates of Brynnlaw’s citizenry!
– Thwart the Cowled Wizards!
– And search for a way to restore your very soul!

Back to Brynnlaw mod is a quest add-on for Baldur’s Gate 2. Throne of Bhaal is not required. The adventure takes place in Chapter 6, when a messenger finds you next to the Adventurer’s Mart.

You will meet a rogue Cowled Wizard and set out with him to help another victim of Irenicus’ experiments. Your investigations cross paths with other interested parties, and the sparks will fly!

Back to Brynnlaw has extensive content for Imoen, so she is recommended but not required to accompany the party. Xan BG2 NPC also has extensive crossmod content with the mod.

The mod is available in English and Russian.

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