Banter Packs

Authors: jcompton, Kish, Blue, Kirwond, Bons


It’s no secret that one of the most popular, enduring elements of Baldur’s Gate 2 is the inter-party dialogue, or “banter”, that crops up from time to time, making the characters and gameworld seem more alive.

The Banter Packs add several new banters, representing hundreds of new lines of dialogue, to BG2. No special intervention is required on the part of the player… just go about your business and enjoy the new scenarios as they appear.

Release 8 of the Banter Packs introduces over fifty new dialogues, including three-way dialogues and new item inventions from Jan Jansen. Four new Sarevok epilogues are also included. Release 13 has partial or complete translations in: Spanish (Bhasbuto), German (Caswallon, Dragonheart and Fedegar), French (Matrim Cauthon and Galathee), Polish (Damian Staniszewski), Italian (many contributors), Russian (Prowler & and Korean (Tannedbear).

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