Author: Echon

Latest Version: 2.00 beta 4


The Fields of the Dead is a mod for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, BG1Tutu and Baldur’s Gate Trilogy which expands and renews the game. The first component of the mod brings the game closer to the AD&D 2E rules which have been updated to the extent the Infinity Engine allows it. The focus here is on adding more options and details to the things that have been simplified, as well as introducing things that were never implemented.

The second component is the addition of a lot of new content to the game. There are new spells for both wizards and priests covering all spell levels, numerous magical and mundane items, and many new creatures, all of which are fully integrated into the game. Enemy NPCs make use of the new spells and items, stores carry the items, and the new creatures can be found in the existing areas. A new area for experienced parties, called Battle of Bones, has also been added to the worldmap.

The third component is concerned with improving the AI throughout the game, both to make enemies more challenging but also to make them behave more like player characters would. NPCs co-operate, use items like potions and scrolls, and have access to all the spells in the game instead of just a few spells. They use spells to protect and heal each other, and will not waste powerful spells on weak enemies.

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