Authors: jcompton, Ghreyfain


Class: Sorcerer
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good

Kelsey is now packaged as a single installer which provides content for both SOA and TOB. Thanks to the efforts of Wisp and Kaeloree, Kelsey is BG2:EE compatible.

Kelsey is a brand-new, 100% original NPC for Baldur’s Gate 2. Kelsey adds dozens of inter-party banters with all your favorite characters: Imoen, Jan, Minsc, Viconia, and more, as well as hundreds of new lines of quest interjections and advice dialogue. Kelsey comes with his own new magic items, both powerful and unusual, and the mod includes hundreds of lines of new voiced dialogue from Kelsey and his new friends and adversaries.

Players searching for an alternative to Anomen for their female PCs can point them to Kelsey, who will eagerly embrace them. Alternatively, Kelsey will court and be courted by Imoen during Throne of Bhaal. Even without a romance, Kelsey adds substantial depth and significant new content to the game as he interacts with his fellow party members and the world around him, from Guildmistress Busya and Renal Bloodscalp to Irenicus himself.

Character Sketch: Kelsey is a good-hearted young man, who has traveled far and wide across the lands of Faerun in his capacity as merchant and occasional adventurer. While trade is his profession, sorcery is his gift, but he has serious doubts about himself and the control he has over his spellcasting. Even in a realm of magic, sorcery is looked upon suspiciously, and Kelsey has had a difficult time reconciling his talents with the unexplained death of his father and the subsequent slow disintegration of his relationship with his family.

Romance highlights: Kelsey is intrigued by a woman whose powers and talents are even more impressive and mysterious than his own. While not perfect, he tries in his own way to see to her needs and understand who she is, even though he must deal with his own insecurities about his role in her life. As the romance progresses he gains both power and confidence, actually trying to “out-sell” the offer his lover receives of ascending to ultimate power in Throne of Bhaal. The Kelsey/PC romance also includes dozens of short interludes (flirts), both Kelsey-initiated and PC-initiated, which add spice and flavor to the relationship in-between the more weighty conversations. Flavors… like honey. Kelsey and Anomen also have a critically-acclaimed series of arguments for the PC’s affections in Shadows of Amn, but even if you choose Kelsey, Anomen may press his case further during Throne of Bhaal…

Kelsey brings everything you would expect from a Bioware NPC, along with new twists the creative team and fans have come up with since the initial release of the mod in April 2002.

Kelsey is available in full German and Spanish translated text versions, bundled with the downloads.

If you enjoy the Kelsey romance, you may also want to download Getting Rid of Anomen, an add-on by St. Josephine and Kismet which gives Kelsey a vision of an almost-ideal future with his beloved…

And if you live with someone who might consider any of this content inappropriate, you probably shouldn’t download it.

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