Double Whammy!

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Not only has Tutufix been updated to v5, bringing with it the usual array of new fixes and extra features, but a new pack has also been released.

Restored BG1 Casting Sounds is designed for players who enjoy the authentic BG1 experience while playing Tutu. It allows spellcasting vocals to be restored to those used in BG1. While designed for Tutu, it will also work with any other BG2 installation.

For further details on both Tutufix and Restored BG1 Casting Sounds, please see the Tutu page:

The full changelog for the new Tutufix release is as follows:

– Added Totemic Summons Rebalancing component.
– Really should be compatible with non-TotSC installs now!
– Wraith Form works as per the description.
– Ulgoth’s Beard is accessible from either side of the bridge to Baldur’s Gate.
– Starting gold now really works properly. Sigh.
– Boots of Stealth description more accurately reflects their abilities.
– Bystanders should no longer go hostile at inappropriate times.
– Guard in Cloakwood turns hostile when you surrender to him.
– Deder no longer follows the player between areas.
– Ulraunt dialog now displays correctly.
– Alora dialog is assigned correctly.
– High Hedge skeletons use ranged weapons.
– Elf immunities work correctly.
– Unhappy NPCs leave forever when kicked out.
– Quayle kicking out dialogue works properly.
– Beregost inn uses correct rumour dialogue.
– Reputation/cost progression follows BG1 tables.
– Tethtoril can now kill the player at will.
– Alora should no longer stutter in Hall of Wonders.
– Tutufix now creates the directory for the transition save, so it should always work correctly.
– Added Restored BG1 Loadscreens.
– Added Restored BG1 Biographies.
– Added Polish translation.