Quest Pack v2.1 Makes Its Presence Known!

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Ding0 has rolled out version 2.1 of the legendary Quest Pack.

The new release fixes all known bugs, refines and expands on existing quests, and adds two new components: Boss Improvements and Reward Negotiation. For further details, click “read more” below, or see the readme.

The new version can be found on the Quest Pack page:

Full changelog for v2.1:

– AI: Paladins should now attempt to turn undead when appropriate.
– AI: Added improved illusionary images from D0Tweak.
– Coronet: Implemented a timer to limit the rate at which money can be borrowed.
– Coronet: Celile will now explain why the Shadow Thieves haven’t dealt with him if you ask.
– Dryads: Fixed issue with Firkraag’s lair being unavailable under some circumstances.
– Galoomp: Kram will now actually take the ring when he says he is.
– Galoomp: Resolved a minor response typo.
– Harpers: Checks on Jaheira’s romance now function correctly.
– Harpers: Player must now propose betraying Xzar, rather than Harpers suggesting it.
– Oasis: Tethyrian archers now carry a limited number of Arrows +3.
– Potion: Jadarath will no longer erroneously refer to your dead companions.
– Potion: The response regarding the Sea Troll will now always show correctly.
– Potion: Now possible to question Sidhe about Jadarath after giving her money.
– Potion: Resolved issue which would cause Jadarath not to return to the sewers when he claimed to be.
– Potion: Expanded dialogue with Umar Hills inkeep to include hint at Sidhe’s current whereabouts.
– Miscellaneous: Battle Horrors are now restored.
– Miscellaneous: Implemented fate for Sime.
– Miscellaneous: Fixed a minor bug in Madulf’s scripting.
– Sanik: Minor typo resolved.
– Thieves: Arkanis Gath no longer appears when you side with Bodhi.
– Thieves: You may now tell Rayic that Edwin is already dead.
– Thieves: Fixed a Rayic/Edwin journal entry that would remain for the entire game.
– Updated readme with more detailed descriptions of how to experience new content.
– Updated Italian translation.
– Significantly adjusted a large number of XP rewards for better balancing. IO2 negotiation is the only one to have gone up– let me know what you think.
– Added Reward Negotiation and Boss Improvements components. Talk to me about Boss Improvements difficulty!
– Added a number of new NPC interjections, particularly for Kelsey and Keto.
– All components should now successfully install on SoA-only games.