…hey, there are mods for Tutu, too!

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BG1Tutu, the Baldur’s Gate 1 conversion for the Baldur’s Gate 2 engine, quickly became one of the most popular Infinity Engine mods of all time, appealing to casual players who simply wanted a new look at an old classic as well as to diehard BG mod players.

It has also proven to be a ripe platform to revive interest in BG1 modding. A number of new mods are either developed expressly for Tutu, or are compatible with the conversion. Keep an eye on PPG’s new BG1Tutu Enhancements page at https://www.pocketplane.net/tutumods to further brighten your BG1 experience.

Tutu players should especially be aware of Indira Version 3. Both version 1 and 2 had bugs that prevented installation on many systems.