Wild Surge Table

          Every time a Wild Mage casts a spell, there is a 1% chance that the spell will cause a Wild Surge. A Wild Surge is also guaranteed to happen every time they cast Nahal's Reckless Dweomer. Every time there is such a Surge, the game rolls a D100, and adds three numbers to it: The EXP Level of the Wild Mage that caused the Surge, + 15 (if they have Chaos Shield running), + 25 (if they have Improved Chaos Shield active). If the sum is greater than 100, it gets rounded down to 100. The end total determines which of the following things will happen:

Resulting Surge
1Repulsion field centered on caster
2Caster's clothing changes color
3Squirrels appear around caster
4Caster becomes itchy
5The caster glows (Oooo!)
6Caster hit by a Fireball
7The caster's gender changes
8The caster's color changes
9Everyone in the area turns around
10Explosion animation centered on caster (no damage)
11Entangle spell centered on caster
12Slow spell centered on target
13Target Polymorphed into a Wolf
14Caster Held
15Caster Hasted
16Caster Polymorphed into a Squirrel
17All the party's gold is destroyed
18Target Enfeebled
19Sunfire spell centered on caster
20Target's walking speed lowered
21Fireball centered on caster
22Caster Held
23Fear spell centered on target
24Roll twice more. Both effects apply.
25Entire area exploded
26Globe on invulnerability centered on caster
27Silence 15' Radius centered on caster
28Caster becomes dizzy
29Target becomes Invisible
30Pretty sparkles! No other effect.
31Caster becomes spell's target (if already was spell's target, no effect)
32Caster becomes Invisible
33Color Spray shoots from caster
34Birds appear around caster
35Fireball centered on caster. No damage.
36Gems created on caster
37Combat music starts
38Goodberries created on target
39Fireball aimed at target
40Charges drained on area effect around target
41Random treasure generated on caster
42Caster is combat ready (+2 bonuses to THAC0 & damage)
43Teleport field spell centered on caster
44Teleport field spell centered on target
45Area effect hiccups centered on target
46All doors in area of effect open. If there are no doors, roll twice and use both effects.
47Caster Polymorphed into Wolf
48Spell chooses a random creature as its target
49Caster recuperates as if he/she was fully Rested
50Monsters (friendly to caster) summoned near target
Resulting Surge
51If outdoors, start snowing. Otherwise roll twice more.
52Loud noise: Target must Save vs. Spell or be Stunned.
53Target's hit points double
54Summon demon to attack target
55Spell fired normally, but with loud squealing noise
56Spell goes off but duration is halved
57Strange visual effect as the spell fizzles
58Projectiles (arrows, etc.) travel at half speed
59All weapons in the area glow
60No saving throw is allowed against the spell
61Target Held as per the Hold Person spell
62Detect magic spell centered on target
63Roll 4 more times. All effects happen
64Slow spell centered on target
65Instead of the chosen spell, a different spell of the same level goes off.
66lightning bolt spell cast at target
67Target Strengthened
68Heal centered on the target
69Entangle target
70Caster Enfeebled
71Fireball spell centered on caster
72Flesh to Stone on target
73Spell fired normally, and caster instantly becomes Rested
74Heal spell centered on caster
75Target becomes dizzy
76Sunfire centered on target (caster unaffected)
77Target Held
78Target Blinded
79Target Charmed
80Gems created on target
81Target's movement rate reduced
82Random treasure generated on target
83Target polymorphed into Squirrel
84Silence 15' radius centered on target
85Target's gender changed
86Fake explosion (no damage) centered on target
87Stinking cloud centered on target
88Cow falls from sky on target
89Target becomes dizzy
90Spell has 60 foot radius at target (change projectile)
91Target becomes itchy
92Caster's hitpoints doubled
93Target Held
94Target Hasted
95Destroy all gold on target
96Spell casts at double effectiveness (duration, damage, etc)
97Spell cast, -4 to target's saving throw
98Target's color changes
99Spell cast at double the caster's level
100Spell casts normally