BG1Tutu Image Gallery

Well, the prologue chapter screen seems to be working.
Ah, welcome to Candlekeep!
We start with 0 XP, as you can see.
Biography checks out.
Blue water! Oh glorious blue water!
What is it with her and always forcing herself into your party?
Good old Monty and Xzar.
Our worldmap is working.
Oh my... just *who* could this old man be?
Journal entries check out as well.
Ah Jaheira. Such a pleasant person.
Dreams are working too.
We're receiving our Bhaalspawn abilities as we should be.
A legend is born.
Agghh. Noober!
The old man revealed!
Who knew Chloe was already in BG1?
What is it with NPC's and bridges?
Sorry Eldoth, I don't drink.
She's quite the catch...
Sorry Yeslick, we're full.
The classic BG1 Ankheg.
I don't think it much matters what you tell this one.
Sim's first altered start screen.
Sim's second altered start screen.
Chapter screens still work.
It's the end for <CHARNAME>!
Oh the webs Sarevok weaves.
About to enter the big bad house o' Sarevok.
Time to rock n' roll.
Spawns seem to be working.