Infinity Engine Modlist
Infinity Engine Modlist
Mods and Patches (898 listings) (8 subcategories)
Mods and patches for Baldur's Gate 2 and all other Infinity Engine games

   Online Resources (70 listings) (5 subcategories)
Forums, walkthroughs, customization sites, wallpapers, and much more

Portraits (78 listings) (3 subcategories)
Sites and mods offering portraits for the various Infinity Engine games

   Reviews (8 listings)
Reviews and comparisons of mods from various forum posters

Self-Help/Tutorials (95 listings) (5 subcategories)
Useful links to FAQs, tutorials, troubleshooting help, and more

   Soundset Sites (8 listings)
Sites that offer character soundsets for the Infinity Engine games

Tools (50 listings) (6 subcategories)
Various tools used to mod the Infinity Engine


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