Maps of BG1's City Areas

          The city areas in BG1 can be a bit confusing to the new traveler, especially if you're looking for a specific building. You could just go door-to-door, true, but that's time-consuming, rude to the occupants (especially if it's the middle of the night), and sometimes downright dangerous. Unfortunately, you can't always ask passers-by for directions, questions like "Where is this or that public building?" or "Where does so-and-so live?" So I'm including a couple of handy maps; one for Beregost, and one for Baldur's Gate itself. Mouse-over any numbered building to hear what Joe Commoner might have to say about it.

          I'm not including maps for BG2 because those maps are already annotated in-game, with the things that the man in the street would know . . . as well as a few things he would definitely not know.

1. Travenhurst Estate
2. Burning Wizard Tavern
3. Red Sheaf Inn
4. Kagain's Mercenary Guild
5. Feldepost's Inn
6. Mirianne & Roe's home
7. Thunderhammer Smithy
8. Landrin's home
9. Jovial Juggler Inn
Travenhurst Estate: Even the mayor, Kelldath Ormlyr of Lathander, isn't as rich as these folks. Burning Wizard Tavern: For those who just want a nice quiet drink, the Burning Wizard has a nice calm atmosphere. Red Sheaf Inn: Hearty food, strong drink, clean beds, plain and simple. The patrons tend to be a bit rowdy, though. Kagain's Mercenary Guild: Looking to hire a couple of extra guards? A good sword-arm seeking employment? Kagain's might be worth a visit. Feldepost's Inn: The finest Inn in town, known for their upscale clientele and the variety of curious items that the bartender is willing to sell—or even purchase. Mirianne & Roe's home: Roe's off on some trading expedition or other, but his wife should still be home. Thunderhammer Smithy: The workshop of Taerom 'Thunderhammer' Fuiruim, one of the most famed smiths in all the Realms, this is THE place to go for quality equipment, magical or otherwise. Landrin's home: Don't go in there. Her spider infestation got so bad she had to move away. Jovial Juggler Inn: Beregost's largest Inn, the Jovial Juggler has plenty of rooms, and usually plenty of guests. Popular with adventuring-types, and a good place to stay if you like hearing new stories from fresh faces.

Baldur's Gate

Notes: Not all Temples provide standard temple services—sometimes the priests can't or won't help you, sometimes they aren't there at all. Temples that are likely to be unhelpful in this regard are written in gray.
1. Temple of Helm
2. Temple of Ilmater
3. Temple of Oghma
4. Temple of Gond
5. Temple of Tymora
6. Temple of Umberlee

Notes: Most "general" stores have shared inventory pools, so it's possible to sell a unique item to one store, then walk across town and buy it back from another.
7. Lucky Aello's Discount Store
8. Sorcerous Sundries
9. Store

10. Three Old Kegs
11. Helm and Cloak Inn
12. Splurging Sturgeon
13. Elfsong Tavern
14. Blade and Stars
15. Inn

Notes: With BaldurDash installed, all Taverns are also Inns, even if they weren't before.
16. Blushing Mermaid
17. Low Lantern
18. Tavern

19. Ramazith's Tower
20. Silvershield Estate
21. Duchal Palace
22. Merchant League Counting-House
23. Oberon's Estate
24. Ragefast's House
25. Felonius Gist's Estate
26. The Wide
27. Hall of Wonders
28. Iron Throne Headquarters
29. Flaming Fist Barracks
30. Seven Suns Trading Coster
31. Harbor-Master's Offices
32. Merchant League Headquarters
Temple of Helm: The placement of this temple to the Watcher may have been deliberate, to make the Dukes ever aware of Helm looking over their shoulders. Temple of Ilmater: The beggar-priest usually isn't there, more likely he's out whining for donations. Temple of Oghma: I suppose Oghma must know where his Priest is, because I sure don't. High Hall of Wonders: This half of the building is the most important temple to Gond on the entire Sword Coast. Temple of Tymora: Also known as The Lady's Hall, if you're an adventurer they'll take very good care of you there. Temple of Umberlee: Also called the Water-Queen's House . . . or the Bitch-Queen's, if you know her a bit better. Lucky Aello's Discount Store: Boasting the most unusual stock of wares in the Sword Coast, Aello's shop is truly one of a kind. Cheap, too. Sorcerous Sundries: Halbazzer Drin takes pride in his inventory of nearly every type of magic there is. Scrolls, potions, enchanted ammunition, if it's enspelled he probably has it. Store Store Store Store Store Store Store Store Three Old Kegs: The oldest of the city's Inns, their clientele is extremely varied, as the inn is hospitable to all. Helm and Cloak: Seems to be the favorite inn of visiting bigwigs, and also adventurers for some reason. An odd combination. Splurging Sturgeon: This Inn is popular with those whose reputations and demeanor may be less than spotless, but as long as their coin is good, few people complain. Elfsong: From time to time, when the Inn is quiet, the disembodied voice of an elf maiden can be heard singing in soft lamentation. Tales abound, but her true story may never be known. Blade and Stars: A small inn, but clean & comfortable. Favored by wandering Priests and other mystic sorts. Inn Inn Inn Blushing Mermaid: The half-naked water sprite on the wall serves as a subtle indication that this tavern is a well-known den of impropriety, if not outright lechery. Low Lantern: They have no problems with their reputation for housing loose women, as they're safely offshore and therefore just out of reach of several inconvenient local laws. Tavern Tavern Tavern Tavern Tavern Ramazith's Tower: Arguably the Gate's preeminent wizard, Ramazith is a skilled Illusionist who likes to make his presence known throughout the city. Silvershield Estate: The well-guarded home of Duke Entar Silvershield and his family. Duchal Palace: The seat of government for much of the Sword Coast region, the palace hosts most official events, as well as two of the city's Dukes. Merchant League Counting-House: They need a whole separate building just for counting their money in, eh what? Oberon's Estate: Yeah, that's where he lives. Don't know too much about him, though, just that he likes plenty of servants. Ragefast's House: Unlike his sometime rival Ramazith, Ragefast is a Diviner, and much prefers to be left to himself. Felonius Gist's Estate: Eh, he's your typical stuffy nobleman, I suppose. The Wide: This area of the city is kept open, to be continually repurposed as the season and popular whims dictate: Harvest festivals, theater productions, athletic tournaments, public executions, etc. Just now, it is hosting a carnival. Hall of Wonders: This sister building serves as an exhibition hall for the originals of all recent inventions in the area, placed here both as an offering of thanks to Gond, and so that others may marvel at his glory. Iron Throne Headquarters: They're a merchant association . . . based in Sembia, I believe. Flaming Fist Barracks: The sleeping quarters, training center, and offices of the mercenary guild that serves as the law enforcement agency for most of the Sword Coast. One wing also functions as the city's jail. All is overseen by the commander of the Fist, Duke Eltan. Seven Suns Trading Coster: Another shipping cartel . . . hey, I hear they've been acting strange lately, setting their prices way too low & stuff, so if you want to want to make a deal, now's the time. Harbor-Master's Offices: They get to write down every damn thing that goes in or out of our fine port. I don't envy 'em. Merchant League Headquarters: Another trading company that's been acting strange of late. Oh well, not any of my business.