BG1's World Map

          To the left is the World Map of BG1, with all map areas shown, except those areas that can only be made accessible by advancing the Main Plot. If you wish to see all areas, click the spoiler link at the bottom of the page. Mouse-over any map area to see its ARxxxx area code.

AR0400 AR1000 AR0900 AR1008 AR2000 AR1400 AR2300 AR2400 AR2900 AR3000 AR2600 AR2700 AR2800 AR3100 AR3200 AR3300 AR3400 AR3500 AR3600 AR3700 AR3800 AR3900 AR4000 AR4500 AR4100 AR4200 AR4300 AR4400 AR4600 AR4700 AR4800 AR4900 AR0500 AR5100 AR5200 AR5300 AR5400 AR5500 AR5000

I want to see EVERYTHING