Appendix D: Credits

          I've put a lot of myself into this Guide, but it's not all me: Volothamp's Comeuppance would be a lot less complete, and might not even exist at all, but for help from outside sources. I'd like to give the following thanks.

Everyone and everything who lent support to the 2nd Edition:
Duncan Clay, whose old walkthrough to BG1 became something of a road map for my own.
GameBanshee and their thorough Baldur's Gate pages.
PlanetBaldursGate for the best spell listing in the business.
Ertai OHF, Jafin, Cerek the Barbaric, Grindar Silvermane, and especially Dundee Slaytern, for knowing everything I didn't.
Thanks, shout-outs, & legalese for the 3rd Edition:
The names and logos of Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, Shadows of Amn, and Throne of Bhaal are copyright of BioWare, Interplay and
          Black Isle.
Dungeons & Dragons, and the afilliated Monster Manuals, are copyright of Wizards of the Coast.
Artworks used on the site are intellectual property of their various artists, who are individually credited where known. (If you know the original creator           of any picture on the site, and that picture is uncredited, please contact me so that I can properly identify them as the artist.)
Images created for this site were made using MGI Photosuite II, Microsoft Paintbrush, DLTCEP, Infinity Explorer, MathCad, Microsoft Excel, and of           course the games themselves.
The "Roll of Years" section of Appendix B was adapted from those on two sites: Forgotten Realms: The Library and
          A Temporal Chronology of the Primes.
The "Prophecies of Alaundo" section of Appendix B was written by Frank Penca.
Many of the Holy Symbols shown in the Theology section of Appendix B were drawn by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.
The background used on this site was adapted from that of Improbable Island, which is a really stupid game and you should totally play it.
Kudos to the authors and contributors of WeiDU, DLTCEP, Infinity Explorer, and the like, without whom the modding community would be a
          desolate wasteland.
Many thanks to the bigwigs at Pocket Plane Mods, and to jcompton in particular, for hosting this thing for me.

And last but by no means least, I would like to thank you, the game's modders, players, and fans, without whom this site and even the game itself
          might as well vanish into the electronic ether, and of course BioWare, for making such a fantastically great game in the first place.

Enjoy your game.

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