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Sunday, 09 August 2020

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Quest Pack v2.3 Released!
Image Quest Pack v2.3 has been released! This version features an extensive number of changes--primarily bugfixes, but also several new components.

Grab it at http://www.pocketplane.net/quest/.

The full changelog is as follows:

- AI: Improvements to illusionary clone behaviour.
- Besamen: No longer possible to tell Baisera she has her job back if you skip talking to Mira.
- Besamen: Mira will mention Baisera after the quest resolution.
- Boss: Updated Detectable Spells. A lot.
- Boss: Resolved an incompatibility between Bodhi's new AI and Unfinished Business.
- Coronet: Resolved the "no valid replies" issue with the debt collectors.
- Coronet: Moiya shouldn't suffer morale failure for real now.
- Coronet: Surly will now make a return if you evict him.
- Coronet: Lorick is no longer so eager to maze the party for no reason.
- Galoomp: Galoomp will now introduce himself on your first meeting.
- Harpers: Meronia spawn timer reduced to 8 hours.
- Hell: Removed leftover stat gain upon defeating Wraith Sarevok.
- Miscellaneous: Implemented a minor expansion to the lich in the Crooked Crane.
- Miscellaneous: Mummies no longer go wrong when spells are cast on them. Oops.
- Miscellaneous: Resurrecting Mummies should no longer interfere with Korgan's quest.
- Miscellaneous: Halved XP rewards for mummy resurrection.
- Miscellaneous: Tazok now appears as a half-ogre.
- Miscellaneous: Added Jaysyn's Displacer Beasts from D0Tweak.
- Miscellaneous: Ribald now wears a Robe of the Neutral Archmagi.
- Miscellaneous: Fixed a potential dialogue loop with Vampiric Sime.
- Miscellaneous: Fixed a typo that could cause an error message at installation.
- Miscellaneous: Added new random encounters.
- Miscellaneous: Now possible to give gold to the woman whose lost child you recover.
- Nazariel: New area no longer allows flirting.
- Negotiation: Vithal's teleport spell prevents him being killed. Consider it the effect of him phasing away.
- Oasis: Corrected facing directions for a number of Oasis troops.
- Potion: Blindness now protects from gaze attacks.
- Potion: Mummies grouped together shouldn't bombard you with gaze attacks quite so much.
- Potion: Added missing protections to the Potion of Mirrored Eyes.
- Potion: Gaze attacks use more appropriate projectiles.
- Potion: No longer possible to invite Jadarath to visit his family when he has already done so.
- Potion: Resolved issue which would cause Jadarath to forget which potions you'd given him.
- Potion: Various minor typos resolved.
- Potion: Shifted arbitrary changes to Mummies into the Creature Improvements section.
- Sanik: People in Brynnlaw now correctly acknowledge if Sanik is still alive.
- Thieves: Journal entry on killing Aran no longer erroneously suggests the player is working for Bodhi.
- Thieves: Description for Aran's Ring no longer assumes he gave it to you.
- Thieves: Orcs and Shadows in Aran's lair are now replaced with more appropriate enemies.
- Thieves: Freeing the prisoners no longer requires Aran to be dead.
- Thieves: Gaelan will now turn hostile when you attack Aran.
- Thieves: The vastly overcomplicated handling of Rayic regaining his ring is now replaced with something that should always work.
- Thieves: If you helped him, Rayic will give you slightly longer to leave the room.
- Thieves: We standardise Booter as a gnome, rather than gnome/dwarf hybrid.
- Thieves: The Shadow Thief Prison Key can still be obtained if you completed the Carrack quest.
- Thieves: No longer possible to acquire a duplicate Ring of Lock Picks.
- Fixed a number of harmless installation errors that could crop up under some circumstances.
- Added Infernal Thievery component.
- Further NPC interjections added throughout.
- Boss Improvements expanded into Creature/Area Improvements.
- Removed horrible profanity from the readme.

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