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Sunday, 09 August 2020

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Quest Pack v2.1 Makes Its Presence Known!
Image Ding0 has rolled out version 2.1 of the legendary Quest Pack.

The new release fixes all known bugs, refines and expands on existing quests, and adds two new components: Boss Improvements and Reward Negotiation. For further details, click "read more" below, or see the readme.

The new version can be found on the Quest Pack page: http://www.pocketplane.net/quest/.

Full changelog for v2.1:

- AI: Paladins should now attempt to turn undead when appropriate.
- AI: Added improved illusionary images from D0Tweak.
- Coronet: Implemented a timer to limit the rate at which money can be borrowed.
- Coronet: Celile will now explain why the Shadow Thieves haven't dealt with him if you ask.
- Dryads: Fixed issue with Firkraag's lair being unavailable under some circumstances.
- Galoomp: Kram will now actually take the ring when he says he is.
- Galoomp: Resolved a minor response typo.
- Harpers: Checks on Jaheira's romance now function correctly.
- Harpers: Player must now propose betraying Xzar, rather than Harpers suggesting it.
- Oasis: Tethyrian archers now carry a limited number of Arrows +3.
- Potion: Jadarath will no longer erroneously refer to your dead companions.
- Potion: The response regarding the Sea Troll will now always show correctly.
- Potion: Now possible to question Sidhe about Jadarath after giving her money.
- Potion: Resolved issue which would cause Jadarath not to return to the sewers when he claimed to be.
- Potion: Expanded dialogue with Umar Hills inkeep to include hint at Sidhe's current whereabouts.
- Miscellaneous: Battle Horrors are now restored.
- Miscellaneous: Implemented fate for Sime.
- Miscellaneous: Fixed a minor bug in Madulf's scripting.
- Sanik: Minor typo resolved.
- Thieves: Arkanis Gath no longer appears when you side with Bodhi.
- Thieves: You may now tell Rayic that Edwin is already dead.
- Thieves: Fixed a Rayic/Edwin journal entry that would remain for the entire game.
- Updated readme with more detailed descriptions of how to experience new content.
- Updated Italian translation.
- Significantly adjusted a large number of XP rewards for better balancing. IO2 negotiation is the only one to have gone up-- let me know what you think.
- Added Reward Negotiation and Boss Improvements components. Talk to me about Boss Improvements difficulty!
- Added a number of new NPC interjections, particularly for Kelsey and Keto.
- All components should now successfully install on SoA-only games.

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