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Now moved to Gibberlings 3

- Tougher Sendai
- Alignment corrections
- Class/innocent designation fixes
- Improved Continuity
- Clerical improvements
- Altered spells
- Improved Monk HLAs
- Holy Liberator kit

Now translated into Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Polish

New to version 3: Replaced the Friendly Animals component with the Altered Spells component, fixes some bugs in Alignment Corrections, adds the Second Wind HLA, adds Italian and Polish translations, and makes minor tweaks to most components.

A lot of the alignment codings in Baldur's Gate II are, to put it nicely, insane. Good brigands and murderers. Neutral paladins. Evil actors, major-domos, Priests of Lathander, and other characters who are entirely helpful and friendly. The Alignment Correction component of this mod was written to correct these errors.

Additionally, in Throne of Bhaal, David Gaider created excellent Tougher versions of four members of the Five, which are most conveniently available as part of Ascension-WeiDU, located at Westley Weimer's site ...but no Tougher version of Sendai, Throne of Bhaal's ultimate spellcaster. Already markedly weaker than her brother Abazigal, whom players could encounter before facing her, Sendai became the weakest of the Five when all existing Tougher versions were installed. The Tougher Sendai component strives to rectify this, making Sendai approximately as deadly as Tougher Abazigal.

SOA-ONLY NOTE: Many of Oversight's components require TOB to function properly, but users with Shadows of Amn only may download the SOA-Only version to reap some of the benefits. This includes Mac users who obtain WeiDU for Mac OS X and use it to replace the Setup-Oversight.exe installer.

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Hard-coded restrictions of the Infinity Engine restrict any class to having 9 installed kits, including the Bioware defaults. If you are using a mod such as the Darkest Day (which fills all available kit slots) or a combination of mods which occupy all available Paladin slots, do not install the Holy Liberator.

Oversight Logo Oversight

Author: Kish

Latest Version:

Oversight: 3
Oversight-SOA: 1.6