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A luvly jubly mod by nethrin
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Tutu logo BG1Tutu

Tutu Authors: Japheth, Westley Weimer (WeiMorph technology)
Fixpack Authors: SimDing0, Ghreyfain, CamDawg, Andyr
EasyTutu Author: Macready

Latest Core Version: 4

Shortcut: http://www.pocketplane.net/tutu

BG1Tutu is a project which brings the content from Baldur's Gate (or Tales of the Sword Coast) into the Baldur's Gate II engine. This allows BG1 to enjoy all the benefits of BG2 such as higher resolution, new races, classes and kits, dual-wielding, and much more!

For English language users, getting started with BG1Tutu is easy. Simply select "EasyTutu" from the links on the right and follow the instructions given.

Want to see some screenshots of BG1Tutu? Click here.
Discuss Tutu and EasyTutu on the forum, here.

EasyTutu is only available in English. If you wish to play Tutu in a foreign language, the older Tutu v4 distribution is still available (it will work fine with English installations too, but its use is not advised in this case). This will automatically translate all resources from a BG1 install into BG2. Click on "Read More" for further details and instructions.
Mod Links
> Links

* BG1Tutu DL
EasyTutu - Page
(recommended for most users)

BG1Tutu v4 - Mirror 1
BG1Tutu v4 Mac - Mirror 1
(recommended for foreign language users only)

* BG1Tutu Fixpack
BG1Tutufix v19 - Mirror 1
BG1Tutufix v15 Mac - Mirror 1

* BG1Tutu Sourcecode
BG1Tutu v5 - Mirror 1

* Restored BG1 Casting Sounds
Casting Sounds v4 - Mirror 1

* Spanish translation and guide
Tutu Espanol - Click here

* BG1Tutu Readme
Click here

* Forum
Click here

* Bug/Support Forum
Click here

* Tutu Addons
Tutu Enhancements Page

Mod News
> Tutufix v17 Released
Thanks to EasyTutu mastermind Macready, we have a new Tutufix friendly with both the classic and Easy Tutu installs.

It is functionally equivalent to Tutufix v15, but will improve performance with current and future versions of EasyTutu.

BG1Tutu Homepage

> Tutu Facelift!
The BG1Tutu page has been overhauled to provide easier direction to EasyTutu. For those who have not been following the forums, EasyTutu is a more recent distribution of Tutu by Macready which provides easier installation, numerous bugfixes, and more.

BG1Tutu page

> Tutufix reaches version 13. Leprechauns skeptical.

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience.  Fixing the green-water bug has been a trial, to say the least, and I'm proud to say that we've finally nailed that sucker.  Right to the wall.

That this stretch of bad luck has ended with the release of version 13 amuses me to no end.  In this version you'll find:

 - Blue water when 3d acceleration is on.  Very cool.
 - Other minor fixes.
 - A new BG2-style worldmap, as an optional component.

Download Tutufix here.
Visit the forums here.

> My Announcements May Not Be As Funny As Ghrey's...
But what does that matter when there's a new version of Tutu Casting Sounds out? The new release adds the option to restore BG1 combat sounds too (such as the hollow crash upon hitting plate mail which all BG1 fans grew to cherish), and with next to no increase in download size. How can you go wrong?

And of course, don't forget that the mod isn't just limited to use with BG1Tutu. You can just as easily use the BG1 sounds with a regular BG2 install.

Get 'em over at http://www.pocketplane.net/tutu.

> Tutufix version 9 kicks bugs and takes names!

With few surviving bugs to deal with, the Tutu folks are getting quite bored.  In this version the squished bugs include:

  • Weapon descriptions list the BG2 proficiencies they require
  • Clicking the tutorial button won't crash the game (but it'll take you to the BG2 tutorial)
  • Watchers in Candlekeep patrol properly
  • Chapters not incrementing with imported (> 1 XP) characters fixed
  • Chanter volume is nicer
  • Kagain no longer crashes the game when he finds his caravan
  • Added "Slower Walking Speeds" optional component
  • Rangers can choose from suitable hated races now (no dragons!)

The Tutu page, as always, is here.

The forum is thisaway.