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Diversions and Soundsets

Authors: Various

Shortcut: http://www.pocketplane.net/audio


Enjoy these soundsets and offbeat creations made to enhance your Baldur's Gate 2 experience.

ImageGoo NPC

Ghreyfain's groundbreaking mod that started a revolution! Goo is the world's only floating eyeball NPC for BG2, bringing yak-stunning breath and a witty exchange with Jan to your party.
Heard about Ghreyfain's stunning voice acting, and the mod's unforgettable single banter? It's all here!

No further translations or language updates are accepted for this mod.

Mod and voicing by Ghreyfain.

Alternate Xan Soundset for BG1

Like the soundset and actor in Kulyok's Xan BG2 NPC mod?  Take it with you in your BG1 playing experience as well. This mini-mod is available for Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga, Tutu and BGT conversions.

Alternate Xan Soundset for BG2

The original soundset from BG1 is now available for your BG2 playthrough, as well. Install this minimod after Xan BG2 NPC, and enjoy the good old "We're all doomed" all over again.

Lava's Xan Polish Soundset for BG2

Enjoy playing Xan BG2 NPC with an original Polish soundset, or download a large version and enjoy Xan fully re-voiced in Polish by Lava Del'Vortel. Install this mini-mod after installing Xan.

Created by Lava Del'Vortel.

Xan's French Soundset for BG2

Enjoy playing Xan BG2 NPC with an original French soundset. Install this mini-mod after installing Xan.

Created by Eleima, coding by Kulyok.

Cespenar Audio for Weimer's Item Upgrade Mod

Adds audio clips to dozens of new lines introduced in the Weimer Item Upgrade mod. Requires Item Upgrade V25 or better.

Voicing by Jason Compton.

Jasper St. Baird Soundset for Baldur's Gate 2

You've thought Jasper St. Baird was cool ever since he helped your party exit the Irenicus dungeon in record time in Dungeon-Be-Gone. Now the Jasper St. Baird soundset allows you to bring his incredible power, charm, and wit along with you for the entire game!

Jasper St. Baird created by Victoria Joyner (Blue), voiced by Jason Compton.

Cloakwood Squares, the Mod: Games 1 and 2!

You've read the transcript of game 1 and the transcript of game 2, now experience the mod!

Kismet (Amy Johnston) has ported the "Cloakwood Squares" parody/game show fanfic to the Infinity Engine. See Salvanas and Tiana fight a battle of wits with nine of your favorite BG2 NPCs, then watch as the winner matches up with Weathermistress Ada, all overseen by the Master of the Cloakwood Squares, Lord Keldorn Firecam!

Getting Rid of Anomen (GRoA)

Based on the story of the same name, this mod adds a cutscene to the Kelsey romance. Irenicus is but a distant memory and Kelsey's life with his beloved is wonderful... except for the suitor who just won't go away...
Version 1.1 adds Spanish (Immortality) and German (Beyshaliban) translations of the mod.

Getting Rid of Anomen requires Throne of Bhaal and the Kelsey-SOA mod. Getting Rid of Anomen written by St. Josephine, coded by Kismet.

Voices provided by Jason Compton, Sorschana, and Ghreyfain.

Driel Soundset for Baldur's Gate 2

Meet Driel: A wry, wordy, scholarly gal with a spine of steel and a sword to match. This soundset's a perfect fit for any child of Candlekeep, full of elegant phrases, a deliciously snooty accent, and enough chutzpah to make any evil bondage-obsessed mage quiver in his booties.

Driel character written by Victoria Joyner (Blue), voiced by Sorschana.

Red Soundset for Baldur's Gate 2

If you want a taste of Stoplight Red in your PC or custom companion character, then this is the soundset that delivers. She says she thinks it's most appropriate for a bard. She's currently voicing a bard in Keto. Coincidence?

Erin Soundset for Baldur's Gate 2

Just in time to be completely and utterly useless for St. Patrick's Day 2005, Bons offers up a new soundset with a bit of the brogue. It's probably not the ideal voice for your new paladin or monk PC, unless you've been having at the ale, but she should do fine for fighters, thieves, bards, and magic-users.

The Kelsey Song

B-Bad Bons explores both sides of Kelsey's character in this musical "tribute." Fans (and people who are kind of like fans) of Kelsey will undoubtedly identify with the deeply spiritual issues explored in this lyrical masterpiece.

Irenicus "Redeem This!" Mix

Composed by up-and-coming dance club artist B-Bad Bons, hit play on that jambox and shake your groove thing with Irenicus.

"Gather Your Party" Mix

What think you of this party? B-Bad Bons does it again with a mix that will have you and your five closest friends getting down in a star formation in no time.

Turnip Golem Encounter

This mod adds a turnip golem somewhere in the slums. Where exactly, no one knows, because no one has ever met it... and LIVED! Applying a bit of rudimentary logic will put you on the right track, however. Ask yourself where you would you find turnips in the slums in the first place.

No further translations or language updates are accepted for this mod.

Written by Ghreyfain. Rated "barely a mod" by Corvis.


AKA "Cal-Killator."

This is a silly mod that keeps track of what type of monsters/races you've slain throughout the game.
Using Cal's ring, your PC can summon the imp to learn just how many elves, humans, illithids, etc, you've killed throughout the game.

Written by japheth.

Rest Anywhere

Thumb your nose at the game's restrictions on rest-enabled areas, courtesy of Japheth.

Britt, the One-Hour Unjoinable NPC

Created as a live collaboration between St. Josephine and jcompton, in about one hour, Britt is an eager young woman who says she wants to be an adventurer. Except, it never seems to quite work out.

Wynne's Soundsets: Innocence and Syndrana

These popular classics are as opposite as night and day. Innocence is a sweet, charming female player soundset. Syndrana is one gruff and tough mama.

Mod Links
> Links
* Goo DL
Goo v6 - Mirror 1
Goo v6 plain - Mirror 1

* Xan BG2 Soundset for BG1
Xan BG2 Soundset for BG1 - Mirror 1
Readme - Click Here

* Xan BG1 Soundset for BG2
Xan BG1 Soundset for BG2 - Mirror 1
Readme - Click Here

* Lava's Xan Polish soundset
Polish soundset - Mirror 1
Full voicing by Lava - Mirror 1

* Xan's French soundset
French soundset - Mirror 1

* Cespenar DL
CespyAudio - Mirror 1

* Cloakwood DL
Cloakwood - Mirror 1
Cloakwood plain - Mirror 1

* Getting Rid of Anomen DL
GRoA - Mirror 1

* Jasper DL
Jasper - Mirror 1

* Driel DL
Driel - Mirror 1

* Red DL
Red - Mirror 1

* Erin Soundset DL
Erin Soundset - RAR Version
Erin Soundset - ZIP (plain WAV) Version

* The Kelsey Song
Kelsey Song - MP3
Kelsey Song - Ogg

* Irenicus Mix
Irenicus Mix - MP3

* Party Mix
Party Mix - MP3

* Turnip Golem DL
Turnip Golem - Mirror 1

* Cal-Culator DL
Cal-Culator - Mirror 1

* Rest Anywhere DL
Rest Anywhere - Mirror 1

* Britt "NPC" DL
Britt - Mirror 1

* Wynne's Innocent Soundset
Innocent - Mirror 1

* Wynne's Syndrana Soundset
Syndrana - Mirror 1

* Forum
Click here


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