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Image Iron Modder Competition

Authors: Several competitors

Upcoming Competition:

Shortcut: http://www.pocketplane.net/ironmod

The Iron Modder competition brings together some of the finest Infinity Engine experts in an intense four-hour battle of wits and will.

A theme is announced and modders have just four hours to create and publish a mod based around that theme.

Ten Iron Modder competitions have been held, plus a special Iron Modder Tutu contest.

While some mods are submitted for judging with bugs or mistakes, all mods in the download packs have been corrected to the best of our knowledge. That said, these mods should be considered novelties and there may still be some rough edges. As with any mod, read the documentation and evaluate player commentary before you commit.

The next Iron Modder will be held TBA.

Iron Modder 10 contestants challenged on the theme "The Oldest Trick In the Book." Five entries were judged.
- Kulyok
- berelinde
- cmorgan
- SimDing0
- SixOfSpades

- Deathsangel (packaged but not judged) 

Iron Modder 1 contestants challenged on the theme "The Last Mug of Ale In Amn." Four entries were judged. Iron Modder 1 was a three-hour contest only.
- Ghreyfain
- Cuvieronius
- Blue
- Kismet

Iron Modder 2 contestants challenged on the theme "Some Of My Best Friends Are Slimes." Seven entries were judged, and another (Bons) was completed shortly after the deadline.
- Ghreyfain
- Kismet
- Icelus
- SimDing0
- Grim Squeaker
- CamDawg
- Riklaunim
- Potencius (not judged, not packaged)
- Bons (packaged but not judged)

Iron Modder 3 contestants challenged on the theme "A Kiss Before Dying." Seven entries were judged, two others (Riklaunim and Neriana) were not fully completed until shortly after the deadline.
- Bons
- Icelus
- Cuv
- Idobek
- Ghreyfain
- Kismet
- Pirengle
- Riklaunim (packaged but not judged)
- Neriana (packaged but not judged)

Iron Modder 4 contestants challenged on the theme "A Broken Promise." Two entries were judged, four others had technical difficulties.
- Bons
- Neriana
- Pirengle (packaged, not judged)
- Ghreyfain (not judged, not packaged)
- SConrad (not judged, not packaged)
- Seifer (not judged, not packaged)

Iron Modder 5 contestants challenged on the theme "The Price Of Friendship." Three entries were judged, three others had technical difficulties, two more were submitted after time expired.
- SConrad
- Andyr
- SimDing0
- Bons (packaged, not judged)
- Ghreyfain (packaged, not judged)
- Icelus (packaged, not judged)
- Neriana (packaged, not judged)
- Shed (packaged, not judged)
- igi (not judged, not packaged)
WARNING: SimDing0's IM5 entry contains an obscene TP2 title which MAY pose a choking hazard to children under 4. This is a content warning for concerned parents, brought to you by the Pocket Plane Group.

Iron Modder 6 contestants challenged on the theme "A Hero For All the Wrong Reasons." Six entries were judged, and another (Bons) was completed shortly after the deadline.
- Domi
- SimDing0
- Ghreyfain
- Neriana
- Shed
- SConrad (judged, not packaged)
- Bons (packaged, not judged)
- Weimer (packaged, not judged)

Iron Modder 7 contestants challenged on the theme "Blaze of Glory." Three entries were judged, another had technical difficulties. CamDawg acted as guest Overlord.
- jcompton
- Bons
- Ghreyfain
- igi (packaged, not judged)

Iron Modder 8 contestants challenged on the theme "Careless Words Cost Lives." Four entries were judged.
- Ghreyfain
- Bons
- Grim Squeaker
- Rughalt

Iron Modder Tutu contestants challenged on the theme "A Rain of Tears." Four entries were judged.
- Andyr
- SimDing0
- Ghreyfain
- Domi

Iron Modder 9 contestants challenged on the theme "Being the Bhaalspawn Means Never Saying You're Sorry." No entries were completed within the time limit, so none were judged.
- Bons (packaged but not judged)
- Cliffette (packaged but not judged)
- Katalyn (packaged but not judged)

Cliffette conceived her own Iron Modder challenge on the theme "A Bee In Your Bonnet." The mod is here.

The next Iron Modder competition will be held TBA. Full scoring results from the previous contests are available on the Iron Modder forum.

Mod Links
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* Last Mug DL
Last Mug Pack - Mirror 1

* Slimes DL
Slimes Pack - Mirror 1

* Kiss Before Dying DL
Kiss Before Dying Pack - Mirror 1

* Broken Promise DL
Broken Promise Pack - Mirror 1

* Price/Friendship DL
Price/Friendship Pack - Mirror 1

* Hero/Wrong Reasons DL
Hero/Wrong Reasons Pack - Mirror 1

* Blaze of Glory DL
Blaze of Glory Pack - Mirror 1

* Careless Words DL
Careless Words Pack - Mirror 1

* Never Sorry DL
Never Sorry Pack - Mirror 1

* Oldest Trick DL
Oldest Trick Pack - Mirror 1

* Tutu DL
Iron Tutu Pack - Mirror 1

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