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Welcome to Pocket Plane Group, the new online home for a wide variety of interesting projects and mods for Baldur's Gate 2 and other Infinity Engine games.
Since August 2001, Pocket Plane Group has worked on enhancements, improvements, hacks and outright abuses of BG2 and other games based on Bioware's engine. We hope you enjoy!
Also, don't forget to click our attractive model to the right to visit the PPG Gear Store, selling the finest in outerwear and personal items, be you a Chick Modder, an Iron Pirate, or a leading WeiDU Ninja.
Pocket Plane Gear
Iron Modder 8 is complete! Iron Modder 9 is September 4!
ImageThe eighth installment of the Iron Modder competition, "Careless Words Cost Lives", has been completed, and Ghreyfain is the winner!

Full scoring results are available on the Iron Modder forum. Further details of the contest, as well as the download pack, are available on the Iron Modder homepage.

The next Iron Modder contest will be held September 4, beginning at noon US Central time.

Si, si, muy banter...
Image Another brief language update: Banter Packs V6 now has a complete Spanish translation. Existing, non-Spanish-language users do not need to re-download.
The Version of AoE Formerly Known As AoE_v24 speaks in public!

ImageThe headline is far more exciting than the actual news.  Ashes of Embers has now reached version 25, which includes a french translation (still waiting on a German update of six lines or so!), and a bugfix in the autoinstaller for users of Win98SE.

The download page is here, and the forum is here.

Unfinished Business gets more, uh, finished!
ImageAfter entirely too long a wait, Andyr, Icelus, Cliffette and the rest of the UB team are happy to bring you version 14 of the Unfinished Business mod! A lot has been added to this version, the most prominent being the addition of the Sarevok Remorse component and two new translations (French and Russian). Check the readme for details about all that's new in this release.
More housekeeping updates...
ImageJust a couple of housekeeping updates.

Flirt Packs have finally been updated with a version of WeiDU that employs auto-upgrading. This should help preserve compatibility and allow first-time users with .tlk files over 16 MB to install the mod without jumping through hoops.

Also, Dungeon-Be-Gone has a tweaked Spanish translation. Version numbers remain the same and no new content has been introduced in either mod, so existing users need not re-download.

Ashes of Embers gets a Spanish update

ImageNot much to this update unless you're Spanish.  All the strings in AoE have now been translated.  Expect a complete French translation for version 25.

Get it here.
The forums are here.

Tutufix reaches version 13. Leprechauns skeptical.

Image First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience.  Fixing the green-water bug has been a trial, to say the least, and I'm proud to say that we've finally nailed that sucker.  Right to the wall.

That this stretch of bad luck has ended with the release of version 13 amuses me to no end.  In this version you'll find:

 - Blue water when 3d acceleration is on.  Very cool.
 - Other minor fixes.
 - A new BG2-style worldmap, as an optional component.

Download Tutufix here.
Visit the forums here.

Iron Modder 7 complete! Iron Modder 8 is June 5!
Image Iron Modder 7, Blaze of Glory, is complete! Thanks to CamDawg for stepping in to oversee the proceedings.

jcompton won a close battle, but all three working entries received at least one first-place honor from a judge. Complete results are available on the Iron Modder forum.

The next Iron Modder competition will be held June 5. The IM7 download pack is now posted on the Iron Modder page.

She is a hero, and she is a librarian!
Image Bons has released the first version of Finch NPC for BG1Tutu.

Finch Bloomwhiffler is quick to enthuse about stories she has read, libraries she has visited and tomes that she has had the honor to copy, but for all her knowledge, Finch has never truly experienced a life of adventure outside the pages of a book until you encounter her. (You can meet Finch during the Prologue at Candlekeep before you depart with Gorion, and she is joinable in Beregost.) Finch wavers between trepidation and enthusiasm at each new turn, keeping her quill ever at the ready.

She is a hero, and she is a librarian! Check her out at http://www.pocketplane.net/tutumods!

My Announcements May Not Be As Funny As Ghrey's...
Image But what does that matter when there's a new version of Tutu Casting Sounds out? The new release adds the option to restore BG1 combat sounds too (such as the hollow crash upon hitting plate mail which all BG1 fans grew to cherish), and with next to no increase in download size. How can you go wrong?

And of course, don't forget that the mod isn't just limited to use with BG1Tutu. You can just as easily use the BG1 sounds with a regular BG2 install.

Get 'em over at http://www.pocketplane.net/tutu.

Ding0's Tweak Pack Unlucky For Some!
Image The Ding0 Tweak Pack has been updated to v13, heralding a number of substantial changes to improve the overall quality of the mod.

The ioun stone animations are now more appropriately tailored to the item descriptions, and support various mod additions.
Holy symbols now include all-new inventory graphics, and have undergone substantial bugfixing.
...and the revised weapon enchantments really work now. :)

A German translation has also been added, courtesy of Tanis Eichenblatt.

Grab the latest download at http://www.pocketplane.net/sim/.

Reminder: Iron Modder 7 is March 6, and there's a twist!
ImageThe seventh installment of the Baldur's Gate 2 Iron Modder competition is just one week away, this Sunday March 6, and there is a special twist this time--the customary Overlord is stepping down to compete, with CamDawg serving as Guest Insane Overlord and organizer.

Iron Modder 7 will be held SUNDAY MARCH 6, 2005 commencing at 12 noon Central US time (6 PM UK, 7 PM Europe, 10 AM Pacific US, 1 PM Eastern US) The theme, as always, will be announced when the contest begins on the Iron Modder forum.

For more information, visit the Iron Modder homepage.

Banter Packs V6 Released!
Image Version 6 of the Banter Packs has been released!

Release 6 adds four new dialogues and four new epilogues for Sarevok, bringing Banter Packs above 50 new dialogues. Sarevok, Nalia, Minsc, Edwin, and Viconia are among the NPCs included in the new banters. Jan's boots also get (another) bugfix.

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