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Welcome to Pocket Plane Group, the new online home for a wide variety of interesting projects and mods for Baldur's Gate 2 and other Infinity Engine games.
Since August 2001, Pocket Plane Group has worked on enhancements, improvements, hacks and outright abuses of BG2 and other games based on Bioware's engine. We hope you enjoy!
Also, don't forget to click our attractive model to the right to visit the PPG Gear Store, selling the finest in outerwear and personal items, be you a Chick Modder, an Iron Pirate, or a leading WeiDU Ninja.
Pocket Plane Gear
Voulez-vous download many translations?
Immortality can be very insistentTo respond to the urging, pleading, and (in one case) violent threats of our various translating colleagues, today Pocket Plane Group unleashes a slew of updated mod translations. These new releases are translation-specific: no new content has been added.



Ready For a Little Dungeon Crawl?
ImageLooking for a new adventure? Want to spice up your stay in Athkatla? The cast of Dungeon Crawl, Inc. have an offer for you!

Dungeon Crawl is a brand-new quest add-on for Baldur's Gate 2, featuring a dangerous journey through a new set of areas in search of a well-guarded treasure. Two rival factions are already on the trail and you just happen to stumble into the middle of their dispute. Can you survive the quest and learn the secret of Lord Leoncourt's chest?

The Dungeon Crawl mod is based on the Web comic of the same name, written by Kulyok in cooperation with the author. Check out the mod homepage here, the mod's new forum here, and the original comic here.

Winding Down the Summer of Xan

ImageSummer may soon be over, but Xan is just getting warmed up! Enjoy Xan for BG2, version 6, now featuring a translation into Polish and extended crossmod content with Dungeon Crawl and Romantic Encounters.

Those of you enjoying classic Baldur's Gate can Xan it up with the Xan Friendship for BG1, version 3. This mod is compatible with "true" BG1, or Baldur's Gate played either through Tutu or BGT.

This new version features a Russian translation.

Finally, the Xan BG2 voice pack for BG1 has been updated to version 2, and now supports classic Baldur's Gate.

A Little More Xan...

Image Xan's friendship path winds ahead! Sixteen Xan-initiated talks, and four more banters for chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7. Available for Tutu and EasyTutu right now - grab it here.

UPDATE: v2 is available, and there is a Mac version to boot!

Pocketplane/Planewalker Presence at GDC!

ImagePPG and closely-affiliated Planewalker Games were well-represented at last week's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. Broken Hourglass and Cailean NPC composer Rob Howard was on the scene, along with long-time PPG participant and Planewalker designer Katie Susoeff and noted PPG/PWG taskmaster Jason Compton.

A brief, whimsical photo gallery, including a cameo appearance from a noted "real" RPG developer, can be found here . Planewalker, of course, was on hand to get the word out on The Broken Hourglass , the upcoming party-based CRPG under development. We had several promising meetings with publishers and press, and are looking forward to delivering the game Real Soon.
New Xan Content Is Vain...

xan Kulyok has updated Xan to version 3. Key features of this new release include:

- Flirts and player-initiated dialogues for ToB
- Extra player-initiated dialogues for SoA
- A romance-related encounter in Chapter 5(lust chambers)
- A quest in Athkatla, starting in Temple District
- A quest in Chapter 6, starting at the Underdark Exit
- A ToB quest, starting in Amkethran
- Player receives Xan's journal in the end of the bonded path
- An extra epilogue for the friendship path
- Russian translation for the new material
- Updated to WeiDU 198
- Minor corrections

Grab the newest version here.

More From Kulyok...

tiaxIf Xan isn't your speed,  perhaps bowing to the mighty rule of Tiax is more to your liking? Kulyok has developed the world's first fully bilingual twenty-four hour NPC mod--Tiax, of course. Download him here .

That said, she could hardly not give Xan equal time, so here you will find a BG1-ready soundset for Xan using the new BG2 Xan voice actor.

Enjoy! Or else Tiax will (comedy-insane-gnome-ramble) you.

BG1 Unfinished Business V4 Released!

bg1ubAfter a wait that was entirely too long, v4 of BG1UB is now here, and resolves those frustrating issues that you (patiently) wished to have fixed!


  • Item Corrections and Restorations now restore numerous unused item graphics


  •       Edited Arkion's dialog so he recognizes the noble's body
  •       Assigned the Halfling Enforcers a script allowing them to initiate dialogue
  •       Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise no longer show up in Tazok's tent
  •       Drastically reduced the availability of Bolts of Polymorphing
  •       Reduced the availability of restored high-level scrolls


  •       Racial immunities no longer crash the game in some situations
  •       The Scar component should now install correctly
  •       Safana's Flirt ability is no longer erroneously assigned to rangers
  •       Resolved issue which would prevent Avarice from reappearing correctly
  •       Fixed a bug involving Alvahendar's store in Gullykin
  •       Fixed wrong gold amount given in Edie quest
  •       Removed Corianna's script to initiate dialogue which could prevent the game from being saved while in the area
  •       Bunsen's dialogue responses are no longer duplicated

Download: http://www.pocketplane.net/bg1ub
Readme: http://mods.pocketplane.net/readmes/BG1UB-Readme.html
Forum: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/board,79.0.html

"Maybe you rather be playing Icewind Dale?"


Japheth, devilish devisor of BG1Tutu, is seeking archived saved games from Icewind Dale 1. Japh wants saved games reflecting a game late in IWD1 core, IWD plus Heart of Winter, and IWD+HOW and the Trials of the Luremaster expansion.

Contact Japheth if you can provide a saved game from your installation for any or all of these configurations. If you like Tutu technology, it just might help the development of a new, similar converter...

Zyraen Releases Version Two

ImageYou hear it on the streets, everywhere you go... "Just one tweak, man. Just loan me one tweak. I need it bad, and I'll pay you back."

Search for a new tweak thrill no longer, as Zyraen has updated his collection of miscellaneous tweaks, hacks, and gameplay enhancements to version two. New to this version are the Reaver Kit, Auto-Sell Script, XP Evener, Item Stat Bonus rebalance, and magic weapon nerfer modules.

Download from http://www.pocketplane.net/zyraen .

Immerse yourself in Tolmira and The Broken Hourglass


Planewalker Games continues to expand on the world of the Tolmiran Empire, setting of The Broken Hourglass.

The PWG website is updated every Monday with new information about the game's plot and characters, gameworld setting, engine and technology, and of course modding issues as well. This week, PWG introduces the first chapter of On the Fly, a serial set in Mal Nassrin just before the events of The Broken Hourglass game, written by our own Bons. The tale of Lyrio Bregna begins at http://www.planewalkergames.com/stories . Check it out!

 Also, RPG Codex recently posted a detailed interview about The Broken Hourglass, focusing heavily on design concepts and roleplaying possibilities. Read that here .

You're all doomed... (to upgrade)
Image Kulyok has updated Xan to version 2. Key features of this new release include:

- ToB portion of the mod
- Russian translation for SoA and ToB
- "Alternate Xan's class" component: Mage, Fighter/Mage, Sorcerer, Wild Mage(ToB)
- Additional NPC romance reactions for SoA
- Updated to WeiDU 195
- Altered Xan's starting proficiencies
- Altered 'spoilerish' interjections
- Adjusted voice volume
- Corrected some typographical errors

Grab the newest version here.

The Kelsey Song Unleashed, New Evil Bhaalspawn Power Revealed

OMG Kelsey the varsity QB!

To commemorate the fourth anniversary of Kelsey-TOB's release,  Mixmistress Bons is up to her old tricks again, this time with The Kelsey Song, a deep and moving exploration of the wide-ranging emotions Kelsey has stirred among BG2 players for years. Heartfelt thanks go out to the Kelsey fans (and people who kind of resemble fans) who provided the inspiration for the song.

Ogg version
MP3 version 
Diversions and Soundsets page  

(note: Kelsey does not actually sing at any point during this song. We know this is a sensitive issue.) 

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