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Welcome to Pocket Plane Group, the new online home for a wide variety of interesting projects and mods for Baldur's Gate 2 and other Infinity Engine games.
Since August 2001, Pocket Plane Group has worked on enhancements, improvements, hacks and outright abuses of BG2 and other games based on Bioware's engine. We hope you enjoy!
Also, don't forget to click our attractive model to the right to visit the PPG Gear Store, selling the finest in outerwear and personal items, be you a Chick Modder, an Iron Pirate, or a leading WeiDU Ninja.
Pocket Plane Gear
Two Shots of Unfinished Business and a Floating Eyeball

ImageIt's not an unusual drinks order, it's the latest news at PPG.

Long-anticipated updates and corrections to Unfinished Business, both for BG2 and BG1, are now available, thanks to the intervention of DavidW and Nythrun (UB) and Ascension64 (BG1UB). We are indebted to them for stepping up and fixing some long-standing issues with both mods. A host of bugfixes and new translations can be found in each.

In addition, Goo has been given a French translation.

Unfinished Business is here.

BG1 Unfinished Business is here.

Goo is here.

Updates, updates, updates!

Image Flaming swords are crash-proof! Xan and Lynn speak German, and Lynn speaks Italian! Messenger boy gets cold feet and no longer shows up in Bodhi's lair!

In other words, Xan v8, Xan Friendship for BG1 v5 and Assassinations v6 are available for download.


It's a "Ms. Sirine" calling for you on line 8...

ImageJastey has updated Lure of the Sirine's Call with various bugfixes and improvements, including enhanced compatibility with other BG1 mods and play systems. New translations into Italian, Russian, and Polish have also been added.

Check it out here .

They come in my dreams, and promise this is the last cedilla they need to adjust...

ImageOur friendly Spanish and French translators have been hard at work once more, and we present the fruits of their labors, including the first foreign-language version of the Keto NPC.

Unfinished Business v17 (French update) - Here
Banter Packs v9 (French and Spanish update) - Here
Keto v3 (French debut) - Here

No new content has been added--players in other languages need not update.

Icewind Dale NPCs Released!

ImageAfter days of strident denials, Kuldahar authorities are now confirming at this late hour that Icewind Dale is now playing host to a new cast of heroes.

Icewind Dale 1 remained the last of the five original Infinity Engine games not to feature a lively, interactive party of NPCs. The release of Icewind Dale NPCs changes all that.

Team your hero of the frozen north with an eclectic band, thrown together by circumstance to face down the forces menacing the Dale.

IWD NPCs features five fully-realized joinable characters, complete with original portraits, voice acting, inter-party and PC-focused dialogue, and romantic possibilities. Most characters can be customized with multiple class combinations.

For more information, visit the IWD NPC site here.

Banter Pack update! New content, even!
ImageBanter Packs have been updated with some new content and a code tweak from K'aeloree. Have a look here.
Translations: The Sequel

ImageStop us if you've heard this one somewhere before.

Quick note: Spanish translations have been updated, hastily, for Indira and Sirene's Call. So hastily, in fact, that the version number for Sirene's Call did not change. Indira gains a Spanish translation for the first time in this packaging, so we boosted the version number. Spanish users may wish to download and update--all others may go about their business peacefully.

As well, version 4 of Dungeon Crawl now features an Italian translation.

Translation updates on Tutu mods
ImageQuick note: French translations have been updated, hastily, for finch, Indira, and Sirene's Call. So hastily, in fact, that the version numbers have not changed. French users may wish to download and update--all others may go about their business peacefully.
TutuGUI Update
ImageLadeJarl has updated the TutuGUI project to version 1.8. Those who enjoy the original BG1 look and want to use it with the higher resolutions and flexibility offered by Tutu are invited to have a look at the improvements, here.
Sometimes, a Little Violence Is All That's Required...

ImageIt's time you knew the truth. PPG has sworn out a contract for the Assassinations mod for Baldur's Gate 2. No one is safe. 

Assassinations offers players an opportunity to explore the darker side of the PC's nature--to follow more fully in Bhaal's footsteps.

Your potential targets vary from a corrupt priest to a Harper agent; you will meet members of the Council of Six and denizens of the gutter alike. You may show mercy or loyalty, engage in betrayal, double-cross and be double-crossed, stand trial, or get away clean.

Take the plunge here--because we don't like to get rough if we don't have to. Strictly business. 

de'Arnise Romance V2 Released

Imagede'Arnise Romance has been updated to version 2.

Most importantly, the update fixes the vampirism sequence so that Nalia's restoration dialogue now shows up as intended. Other minor improvements include streamlining the conditions of one of the lovetalks and adding journal entries to Nalia's new quest.

The mod is immediately available here . You may preview the README here .


A New Band of Heroes Is Coming to the Dale...

ImageFrom the frozen wastes of the Ten Towns, a new band of heroes yearns to have their story told.

Pocket Plane Group  announces the development of the Icewind Dale NPC mod, a new party-based role playing experience for the Black Isle classic. IWD NPC will put you in command of a central protagonist character and a supporting cast of five fully-interactive NPCs, including all the trappings you have come to expect from PPG characters--banter, interjection, romance, and more.

Follow the development of IWD NPC here

Los Minor Updates, part 1

ImagePPG has some minor updates for you today.

  • Ashes of Embers: CamDawg provides a fix which makes Anomen's proficiency reorg compatible with the G3 Fixpack. AOE home page
  • Unfinished Business: Updated Spanish translation. UB home page
  • Dungeon-Be-Gone: Updated Spanish translation. DBG home page
  • NPC Flirt Packs: Updated French translation. NPCFlirt home page
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