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Welcome to Pocket Plane Group, the new online home for a wide variety of interesting projects and mods for Baldur's Gate 2 and other Infinity Engine games.
Since August 2001, Pocket Plane Group has worked on enhancements, improvements, hacks and outright abuses of BG2 and other games based on Bioware's engine. We hope you enjoy!
Also, don't forget to click our attractive model to the right to visit the PPG Gear Store, selling the finest in outerwear and personal items, be you a Chick Modder, an Iron Pirate, or a leading WeiDU Ninja.
Pocket Plane Gear
PPG knocked unconscious by Reddit/BWP article!
ImageA recent article extolling the virtues of installing lots of mods at once has caused a lot of people to rediscover the Baldur's Gate series. So many, in fact, that our download traffic has been anywhere from three to 10 times normal, and the site was temporarily down due to bandwidth restrictions. We will do our best to keep the lights on during this period of unusual activity.
They're partying in St. Petersburg for these Russian translations!

ImageProwler has provided a slate of Russian translations. The following mods have all gained Russian language support, but have no other new content.

Unfinished Business
Banter Packs
Cloakwood Squares, Goo, Turnip Golem

Please note, all you junior translators out there, that translations for Goo and Turnip Golem are no longer accepted.

Nalia's first translation

ImageThe first translation of de'Arnise Romance is now available, thanks to Aleksander Zudwa who submitted a Russian translation. No new content has been added to this version, available here .

Russian players, stay tuned, we will have more translation updates for you in the next day or so.

BG1UB Update

ImageLeomar has updated BG1 Unfinished Business to include a new Russian translation, and revise the existing German translation. No content has been added or adjusted in this release.

Visit the BG1UB page for updates.

Assassins now speak in Polish!

ImageThanks to our generous friends from Poland, Assassinations v8 now has a Polish translation.

Read more about the mod and download Assassinations here.

BG1 UB and Volothamp Updated

ImageAscension64 has updated BG1 Unfinished Business to version 11. This edition includes bugfixes related to Angelo and Coran content.

In addition, SixOfSpades has updated his PPG-hosted Volothamp's Comeuppance spoiler-free guide to BG1.

See BG1UB here.

See Volothamp's Comeuppance here.

More luring, more calling...


Jastey has refreshed Lure of the Sirene's Call with an important scripting update as well as adjustments to the German translation.

Find out more here .

The translators came in peace...

ImageTranslators are responsible for a new set of mod updates.

BG1 Unfinished Business has a new Russian and an Italian translation update. In addition, Banter Packs, Goo, and Turnip Golem have new or updated Italian translations.

Minimę: Retro RPG for iPhone/iPod Touch

ImageIt's a far cry from the depths of story and character in your average PPG-covered title, but it was also published by a friend, so it gets a plug!

P1XL Games has just released "RPG Quest - Minimæ" for the iPhone and iPod Touch, available now on the App Store for the princely sum of $2.99. Based on a 2-kilobyte Commodore 64 game, and taking cues from the likes of Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Ultima, and Final Fantasy, it's a fun little title.

Alas, no Jasper cameo. Visit the developer's site for more information, or simply search "minima" on your iThing.

BG1 Unfinished Business Gets an Update (x2)

ImageAscension64 has prepared a new release of BG1UB. This version includes a German translation by Timothy and some bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Check its page here .

Note that we have updated to v9 to correct an installation error in v8. We recommend all users upgrade.

...and she stll mods, too!

ImageKulyok may have departed on a lengthy vacation after seeing her first novel published, but that didn't keep her from releasing several mod updates before she left.

Dungeon Crawl v5 is now more compatible with the Big World Project, and features an updated Italian translation. Click here.

Assassinations v7 has an updated Spanish translation. Click here

And, of course, Xan was updated as well. Xan BG2 NPC v9 has a full French translation, and a stand-alone minimod offers just the new French soundset. The new version also includes crossmod content with existing and upcoming releases. Finally, Xan BG1 Friendship v6 features an updated German translation.

Xan BG2 is here, Xan BG1 is here, and the French soundset is here.


Kulyok's Debut Novel , "A Dragon's Summer", Published

ImageOur very own Kulyok is proud to announce the publication of her debut novel, A Dragon's Summer.

The novel is presently available only in the original Russian, and is published by Eksmo, one of Russia's largest booksellers. For more information on the book, visit here , or look up ISBN 978-5-699-37333-8 at your favorite Cyrillic typeshop.

Banter Pack translation update
ImageThe German translation of Banter Pack has been updated to include all new content. German users can upgrade here -- everybody else is fine as they are.
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