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Home arrow News arrow Keto V1 Released! Monday, 18 June 2018
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Keto V1 Released!
Image Keto, one of the chattiest bards in the Realms, is now available!

An ambitious project launched two and a half years ago by Dungeon-Be-Gone creator Victoria Joyner (Blue, the Immortal Bard), Keto brings a little bit of wine, a little bit of mystery, and a lot of storytelling to your Baldur's Gate 2 experience. She is a young woman out on her own, looking to make a basically honest living as a minstrel, but spending most of her time skirting the front door of every dungeon in Amn. Keto needs a spark to fully develop her potential both as a bard and as an adventurer.

With thousands of lines of dialogue, nearly 100 banters, a unique bard quest and over 400 voiced lines from several performers, Keto represents a breath of fresh air for the expansive Bhaalspawn saga!

Keto may be downloaded from http://www.pocketplane.net/keto. A Keto forum for comments and technical support is available at http://forums.pocketplane.net. Version 1 includes content for Shadows of Amn. Throne of Bhaal users are supported, but content for the TOB portion of the game will be coming in a future release.

Players do not need to start a new game to enjoy Keto. She can be found in Athkatla's Bridge District at the Five Flagons Inn.

Keto is compatible with virtually all major BG2 add-ons, and contains additional banter content with the Kelsey NPC, also available from Pocket Plane.

On behalf of the Keto team, I hope you find her worth the wait!

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