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Intermediate Pocket Plane Group FAQ
Q: Will you help me install and play mods?
A: Yes. We've written extensive and often clever README files to help you do exactly that, but if those prove insufficient to the task, we run a bevy of support forums.

Q: Will you help me learn how to mod?
A: Yes. We've written extensive and often clever tutorials to help you do exactly that, but if those prove insufficient to the task, we run an Infinity Engine Q&A forum.

Q: Will you host my mod?
A: Possibly. There are a number of IE-related sites which provide hosting to basically all comers. PPG doesn't follow that model. But if you think your mod would be a good fit with what we do, then you may well be right, and should say so.

Q: Are there going to be more releases of Mod X?
A: None of the mods on PPG could really be considered "abandoned", but then, not all are undergoing constant development, either. Generally, the mod's individual forum is the best place to get an answer for this question. Usually (but not always) mods that are being aggressively updated will have "what do you want to see in the next version?" discussions.

Q: Why don't you have mods for Planescape: Torment / Icewind Dale / Icewind Dale II / BG1 without Tutu / NWN / Temple of Elemental Evil / Morrowind / KOTOR / Wasteland / Ultima III: Exodus / Ultra-Pong / Backgammon?
A: For both story and technical reasons, Baldur's Gate 2 lends itself better to the type of modding PPG tends to do. Creating NPCs for the other Infinity Engine games, for example, is considerably less convenient for both modders and players. And historically, all of the PPG modding staff has been most interested in creating projects for BG2.

A: Patience. It almost probably certainly will get finished by some combination of authors, eventually.

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