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Current Tutufix version is v15
The Good, The Bad, and... The Translated
A one, a two... a one Tutu (mod)! The Lure of the Sirine's Call is released!
Indira for Tutu is minty fresh and new!
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Mod Links
> Links

* PPG Tutu Mods
LadeJarl's Tutu GUI v1.8 - Mirror 1
LadeJarl's Tutu GUI v1.8 plain - Mirror 1

Sirine's Call v14.zip - Mirror 1

Sirine's Call v15 .zip - Mirror 1
Sirine's Call v15 Mac - Mirror 1
Sirine's Call Readme - Click Here
Sirine's Call Forum - Click Here

Indira NPC v11 .zip- Mirror 1
Indira NPC v7 Mac - Mirror 1
Indira Readme - Click Here
Indira Forum - Click Here

FinchNPCv3 - Mirror 1
FinchNPCv3 plain archive - Mirror 1
Finch ReadMe - Click Here
Finch Forum - Click Here

XanBG1Friend v10 - Mirror 1
XanBG1Friend_v9 for Mac - Mirror 1
Readme - Click Here
Forum - Click Here

* Third-Party Tutu Mods
BG1 NPC Project @ G3
BG2 Tweak Pack @ G3
Grey Clan @ BWL
Mur'Neth @ G3
Coran's friendship @ G3
Ajantis BG1 Expansion @ kerzenburg
Baldur's Gate Mini Quests & Encounters @ G3
Secret of Bone Hill @ SHS

BG1Tutu Modlist Section - Click Here


* Other Links
BG1Tutu Page

Mod News
> Current Tutufix version is v15
The latest version of BG1Tutu Fixpack, which everyone should be using, is Version 15 and may (and should) be downloaded from the Tutu home page.

Now you know.

> The Good, The Bad, and... The Translated

The good news is that thanks to Damian Staniszewski and Egrevyn of the French translation site "The D'Oghmatiques", Indira for Tutu is now availabe with a Polish translation, and Sirine's Call is available in French.

The bad news is that thanks to Damian Staniszewski, Goo is also available in Polish.

There is no ugly news at this time.

You can grab them at these locations:

Sirine's Call

> A one, a two... a one Tutu (mod)! The Lure of the Sirine's Call is released!
The Lure of the Sirine's Call is a short quest mod which takes place in the coastal area south of Candlekeep, and involves the lighthouse, the treasure cavern, the sirines dwelling along the beach, and worgs. Also pirates. Everyone loves pirates. At the end of it all you should have either a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, or a bunch of loot. This quest will especially appeal to druids, though any class can play it without missing any content, dialogue, or equipment.

This mod requires Tutu, but should not require TotSC.

You can download the mod here.
You can read the readme here.
And last but not least, you can come tell me how awesome it is, how many bugs it has, or possibly how awesome its bugs are, at the Tutu Mods Forum.

> Indira for Tutu is minty fresh and new!

Thanks to help from reporters of bugs, translators, and... well, just those two--version 5 of the Indira NPC for Tutu has arrived.  The latest version includes a french translation, thanks to Elgaern and Egrevyn from the d'Oghmatiques, and doesn't include a few bugs.

Check out the forum, the readme, or download it straight away.

> Indira NPC sees the light of day!

Who is Indira, you ask?  Read on, and find out!

Indira is a young lass on the look-out for excitement and adventure.  Combine a small measure of Alora's perkiness, Minsc's naivete, Imoen's pranks, and you've got yourself a good idea of what Indira's like.  She's a half-elven, lawful good fighter/mage from an area just east of the Baldur's Gate region. She has banters with virtually all the NPCs for a grand total of 20.

Other features of note include:

 - Custom portrait
 - Original soundset
 - Unique armour
 - Designed specifically for BG1Tutu
 - As of version 3, Indira will spawn properly!

You can download Indira right here.

> (more)