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Authors: Kismet, St. Josephine

Shortcut: http://www.pocketplane.net/cailean

Class: Archer
Race: Half-elf
Sex: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Cailean is a romance-enabled NPC who will woo females of any race, provided they have at least a 7 in CHR, INT, and WIS.   However, he will not pursue bounty hunters of any persuasion, regardless of their stats.  Being hounded for months on end for a sizable bounty will do that to a man.


For the latest updates on Cailean, please check his forum.

Character bio:
When asked about his past, CAILEAN looks wary, as if you are about lead him into some sort of trap. He seems hesitant to provide you with more detail beyond the obvious: he is an archer who has traveled a fair distance, not always in the most favorable of circumstances.  This you surmise by the dark shadows under his eyes and the fact that he seems coiled as tightly as a spring, his fingers tapping nervously on the hilt of his sword.  However, this nervousness does not seem innate; if anything, you suspect that the suspiciousness he wears like an ill-fitting glove is a disguise thrust upon him that he cannot wait to remove.

Exciting features:

  • When you meet Cailean, he needs to track down the woman who framed him for murder.  This is an involved quest that also involves a new area and several fights, culminating with an all-out brawl.
  • Cailean is an NPC for the insatiably nosy.  Players, both romance and non-romance, will be able to initiate conversations with him and, as an extra-added bonus, will be able to choose from a variety of questions, ranging from his recent troubled past to his favorite color.
  • Unique magical items!
  • Voicing for major and minor parts!
  • A chance to sell Cailean out to a sexy villainess! (Not that you'd want to, of course!)

Even more exciting romance features:
  • The player has the opportunity to both give and receive gifts!
  • Romance conflicts with Anomen and other mod NPCs (for those players who enjoy men vying for her attention)!
  • Romantic and sexy flirts!
  • A chance to apologize!  Get cranky with Cailean and then kiss and make-up!

Comments from our testers:
  • "... hanging out with Cailean is more fun than shampooing cats."
  • "Cailean is coming along very well and even if I don't romance him I'll still probably drag him along with me around Amn.  He's just that cool."

About the Authors:
Kismet, coder extraordinaire and author of the "unrivaled for sheer eroticism" Anomen rose flirt from the BioWare flirt packs.

St. Josephine, author of "Getting Rid of Anomen".  She also has gotten many rave reviews from others in the mod community: "I love your hair!"--Bons  "...an insidious sense of humor..."--jcompton  "Go you!"--Kismet