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ImageDungeon Crawl

Authors: Kulyok (based on characters created by Nathan Sheaffer), with areas by WoRm

Latest Version: 11

Shortcut: http://www.pocketplane.net/dc


- Set out on a brand new adventure, staged in four new areas!
- Meet the Dungeon Crawlers and the Shadow Pack!
- Reveal the contents of Lord Leoncourt's most guarded treasure chest!

Tired of the usual, bland, everyday characters populating Athkatla and the outlying areas? Then the cast of Dungeon Crawl Inc. may be just what you're looking for!

Dungeon Crawl is a new quest mod add-on for the game Baldur's Gate II, with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. Based on the popular Web comic Dungeon Crawl, Inc. and written with the permission and cooperation of comic author Nathan Sheaffer, Dungeon Crawl takes the Baldur's Gate II adventure to completely unexplored destinations on a quest that is both perilous and just a little off-kilter. The adventure begins, as so many do, in the comfortable environs of the Copper Coronet.

This mod has been translated into Russian, German, Italian and Polish.

Mod Links
> Links

* Dungeon Crawl for BG2
Dungeon Crawl V11 - Mirror 1

* MacOSX Version
Dungeon Crawl V11 OSX - Mirror 1

* Readme
Click here

* Forum
Click here


Mod News
> Ready For a Little Dungeon Crawl?
Looking for a new adventure? Want to spice up your stay in Athkatla? The cast of Dungeon Crawl, Inc. have an offer for you!

Dungeon Crawl is a brand-new quest add-on for Baldur's Gate 2, featuring a dangerous journey through a new set of areas in search of a well-guarded treasure. Two rival factions are already on the trail and you just happen to stumble into the middle of their dispute. Can you survive the quest and learn the secret of Lord Leoncourt's chest?

The Dungeon Crawl mod is based on the Web comic of the same name, written by Kulyok in cooperation with the author. Check out the mod homepage here, the mod's new forum here, and the original comic here.