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sur logo Surayah

Author: Bons

Shortcut: http://www.pocketplane.net/surayah

Class: Bard
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Surayah el Farrahd has always been one of the most interesting NPCs in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn to me, despite her two meagre lines of "F-father, I thought I heard a noise?" and "Aiiiiieeee!!!!" Perhaps it is because, like the character of Moira Delryn, she served little purpose outside of her death, and how that death affects Anomen. To me, that leaves a lot left unexplored. The main goal of this mod is to develop the story related to Surayah's character more thoroughly, whether she lives or dies.

Beyond the banter and interjections, the first vesrsion of this mod will include:

  • A redemption storyline if Anomen kills Surayah and becomes Chaotic Neutral
  • The addition of a Cleric of Sune kit (Heartwarder), with related quests
  • New areas: the Temple of Sune, a new dungeon, and other quest-related areas
  • New Calimshite and Sunite-style items
  • A second joinable NPC: the half-elven, neutral-evil thief, Hessa.
  • A bard who actually sings!
  • Under certain circumstances, Surayah will romance Anomen.
  • The return of Yusef el Farrahd

Versions after the first release will include:

  • Under certain circumstances, Surayah will romance male PCs.
  • Areas in Calimshan will be added or developed for more content: the Forest of Mir, the Marching Mountains, the Calim Desert, the Spider Swamp, and maybe a city!

For more details on the Surayah NPC project, please check out the Forum link.